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Image missing in signature

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4 hours ago, Firefox said:

There is another issue regarding signatures...

I am signed in, and my picture is no longer visible, I fixed it once before, but now my image is gone again? What gives?

Aura has pointed out your issue exactly. Upload it to imgur (make an account too, it's worth it to be able to go back and remove old images), upload your signature, then edit it here and be sure to link to the https version. Reason I say to link to the https version is that it's a bit nicer to see that everything on a page is secure, versus a warning due to images linked via http. (I need to do the same thing myself.)

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It looks like part of the problem is due to the Cloudflare proxy?



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9 hours ago, Tarun said:

It looks like part of the problem is due to the Cloudflare proxy?

Yes, it is the way they changed how/where images are hosted.  It was uploaded directly to this forum so it should continue to work.  Heck the old attachments don't work either (even though they were uploaded to the site too).

Well I got tired of waiting so I went to update my signature, and my uploaded file shows in the signature settings section as an uploaded file, I just hit the + sign again and it updated the sig.  So the forum shows I have the attachment still there...

who knows with this wonky forum right now.

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Totally agree. The Clouldflare is supposed to improve caching and offline use but we kept having problems on the KiXtart forums and finally removed Cloudflare from there and have not had the issue since. Not the same issue but other issues where Cloudflare would say the site was offline when it was not offline.

My guess is due to our risk of DDoS from certain groups from time to time we probably setup with them to help try to slow or prevent DDoS



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