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A quick follow-up on our previous message. We have two things to share concerning the last few days.

The first is concerning the update to 4.1.10. Please check out the update thread and see what changed. IPS has been hard at work helping us (and the rest of their community partners) with various v4 issues and concerns. We could really use your help in testing out the issues you've seen post the update. If you're still seeing them or have found they are addressed with 4.1.10, please let us know. Also, post up the new stuff you've found!

The second is concerning a breach of another IPS site that was housed on the same infrastructure as ours. The malicious user did not exploit any software, but rather, used an admin account in which they seemingly knew the credentials to access the Admin Control Panel (ACP) for the target site.

At this time we do not think our site was affected by this. Additionally, we do not show any abnormal ACP activity over the period in question. The downtime you may have seen over the weekend was IPS taking precautionary steps to ensure our site (and others) did not fall victim to the unauthorized ACP access. Immediately after being notified, we took additional steps in locking down our ACP. Both us and IPS have been monitoring the situation heavily over the last three days.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we progress through both of these.

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10 minutes ago, 1PW said:


Are you stating that IPS took the forum down last Friday night, for approximately eight hours, without notice, and without Malwarebytes' knowledge or permission? 

No, not exactly. They notified us. On Sunday morning they took an action on our admin accounts before we knew about it - which we agreed with. Shortly after this, they sent us information and within a few minutes after getting this message, we engaged with them and started working on the additional admin / ACP testing and locking down of our ACP.

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