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Malwarebytes won't open/start after fresh install--and no I'm not infested

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Malwarebytes won't open after fresh install--and no I'm not infested with viruses, trojans or what-have-you.

Windows 10 was recently reinstalled. I do not own any illegal software and actually have little on my laptop. I almost never go to websites which may be deemed dangerous. If I do go to a website which I am not sure of I will use Sandboxie. It's been about a month since I did a fresh install of Win10 and my software (MS Office, Adobe suite and a few others).

It just occurred to me that I had not installed Malwarebytes --as I said overall I have no use for such things since I try my best to play it safe. I downloaded and installed the free version and left while it was installing. Shortly after my return (I had forgotten about the installation) I noticed the desktop icon for it did not have an image--Did the installation perhaps not go well while I was gone? Instead of double-clicking the icon on my desktop I went on my start menu--again no images on the icon. And then I thought -- oh wait a minute after the install I did a cleanup (routine maintenance) of my PC and by cleanup I mean I deleted all files in my temp folders, and also did a thumbnail cache cleanup--hence why I saw no images on the icon (Or so I thought). Anyhow double-clicking on the start menu icon produced nothing. Going to the actual file "mbam.exe" produced nothing so I reinstalled it. OK I now have an image on my desktop icon--however, it still won't start. A Bing search suggested I delete my 'mbam.exe' and get a fresh one here on this site to replace it. Well a search on this site (not the forum) for 'mbam.exe' produces o results (Really?! 0 results, how could this be? It is your main file and you have 0 results--time to redo your search engine here I would think)

Anyhow, now what? Download a fresh copy and reinstall it a 3d time, or.....?

I thank you all in advance

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Hi pintree :)

To me it looks like something occured during the installation and it failed. The first thing to try right now would be to uninstall Malwarebytes, and once done, use the mbam-clean.exe file to clean-up all the remnants of the installation. After that, restart your computer, download a new installer and try to reinstall it.

mbam-clean.exe: xxxx link removed xxxx

The instructions to use mbam-clean.exe can be found in the thread below.

If after that it still doesn't work, open the Task Manager, go under the "Details" tab, and see if there's any Malwarebytes-related processes (such as mbam.exe, mbam-service.exe, etc.) running when you launch it.



Post updated [02/12/2021 - AdvancedSetup]

The following MBST tool should be used to perform a clean removal and reinstall



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