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website not displayed properly


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First I got a BSOD "bad pool caller" caused by mbam, uninstalled with the uninstaller and reinstalled the program. I'm also aware that BitDefender could be the cause as well, I have a license that is still valid for 14 days, after that I'll search another internet security suite.

When I try the forum, I get a strange display, something like a cache version (I tried to attach the file but got error -200)

I cleaned the host cache in google chrome, I have the same problem in the Edge browser.

No problem on windows 7 computer it only happens on the windows 10.

Most of the other sites are displaying properly.

Can someone point me in the right direction to solve this problem,please.

Thank you.

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31 minutes ago, David H. Lipman said:

MBAM Product Support is in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Help

There is a problem with the Forum where we can't upload attachments as we should.


I take notice of the problem that I cannot upload attachment, thanks for letting me know.

Maybe I did not explain myself : I have "not" a problem with malwarebytes, I think the BSOD is solved.

The problem I have for the moment is that I cannot display the forum's website on my Windows 10 machine, not in chrome and not with the Edge browser.

I have to post in the forum on the computer with windows 7 on it.

The thing is I do not know if the BSOD problem has something to do with the website display, other websites are fine, I did not test them all but I have no problem

with other wesbites at the moment.

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