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I scanned with malwarebytes

It suggested 42 harmful prgrams that included malware and PUPs.

After quarantine, I deleted them without thinking.

There were a lot of ones that had the word HKEY and root in them followed by a lot of numbers in {} brackets. 

Now, everytime I right click on the desktop, or an icon on the desktop, windows explorer crashes and restarts, again and again. My bitdefender somehow started showing problems and at this time I was unaware I screwed up by deleting the files, so I reinstalled. THe reinstall didn't take and now I'm unable to install it again. I'm hoping thee bitdefender part isn't related.

The right click is the only issue I'm facing THAT I'M AWARE OF. I deleted 42 files all of which I need back now apparently

I tried running system restore by restarting>F8>repair computer/windows>restore system(Can't remember what it was called) but it said that it cannot be done.

I've just run chkdsk from elevated cmd but don't know how to read or what to do with the results. Can someone help?

I'm running win 7 home professional x64 on a toshiba

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I have a few comments, not sure how helpful they will be. Smarter people than I will chime in.

When MBAM quarantines anything you should keep them in quarantine for a week or so to see if anything stops working, if it does then you can restore them.

Did you try rebooting the computer, sometimes this can fix many issues.

Pressing F8 is used to boot the computer to advanced boot options including safe mode, try a simple system restore, you can find it by using the control panel.

Not sure why Bitdefender is not working if you re-installed, what were the problems? If they have a removal tool try using it to uninstall again and then re-install.

I assume you have no backups to go to?

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I would add one thing to what digimorcrusher said...if files in quarantine do affect functionality on your computer, do a Google search from reputable sources for any files that are in quarantine.  That may help you decide what (if anything) should be restored.  That would not tell you if a legitimate file has been compromised though.

As far as your CHKDSK results, try to post a screenshot of the results of running CHKDSK.  Its hard for anyone to tell you what is the best thing to do without seeing what you have now.

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Hello and Welcome,

Can you post a copy of your scan log where the items were detected and removed so we can see what was removed?

We would need more info on the system so we can do further trouble shooting....

Please read the following and in your next reply ATTACH the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs
(the three files should be CheckResults.txt, FRST.txt and Addition.txt)

Thank You,


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Firstly, thank you for the prompt replies.

I did a lot of reading between the time I posted this and now since I wasn't sure how long it would take for someone to reply.

I fixed the right click issue by downloading something called ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows - NirSoft


It instructed me to open and launch the program and  disable all the extensions with type context menu one by one.

This was when I had MBAM and bitdefender still on my system. Both refused to be uninstalled. I disabled all of BD and MBAM ones. The right click issue was fixed.

I deleted BD's folders from both program files and program files x86 by starting in safe mode and deleting them. Since control panel could not uninstall it, I thought what can? At that time I wasn't aware BD made special removal tools for their antivirus. I downloaded tool, it removed BD. 

I uninstalled MBAM in the same tumultuous way. Both are removed now. I rechecked the ShellExView application and all the ones I had disabled had vanished, along with the problem. All seems fixed now. I do believe MBAM (along with my stupidity) in equal parts caused the problem. MBAM caused BD to screw up(I may have helped) but deleting it fixed everything, so my stupidity was only half the culprit.

Basically MBAM messed with BD antivirus, screwing it up and thus created the problem. Removing both solved everything.


Nonetheless I did delete 42 files which must have been important so I still need them back.

I've attached the 3 files firefox suggested along with the chkdsk log although the chkdsk one doesn't seem too helpful here.

The registry keys that were deleted need to be restored. How can I do that. 




chkdsk log.txt

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10 hours ago, JohnZaresty said:

The registry keys that were deleted need to be restored. How can I do that.

Good thing you got your right click fixed, and I understand you want to restore some items that were removed.  Do you by chance have the scan log of the scan that was performed and then removed the items you want restored, that would help tremendously.  In the meantime I will alert someone from staff to review your logs.

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