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Hi, all.

I've been trying to scratch my head to figure out why the editor is not working for folks when it works perfectly fine for me.  I've collaborated with a few of you here in threads and I could not reproduce what happens to you all on my end.

Until now.

I was in the middle of a PM, everything fine and hunky dory - and then I got a Desktop notification that someone had replied to a thread that I had replied to earlier.

All of a sudden, the editor that I was using to compose my reply broke.  HARDMind you, I am using Firefox (Nightly builds, but Firefox all the same).

Symptoms include (but are not limited to):

  1. No copy and paste through normal means (CTRL + V, right click in editor text entry area) - when you right click the text entry area, you get the normal menu that you would see in right clicking any tab, such as in this screen shot:

    MB Forums 11.PNG
  2. Trying to use more than one text typeface breaks.  You can bold, but not bold and colorize, for example.
  3. Trying to use the CTRL + right click method to paste in items pastes everything at the top regardless of where the cursor currently resides.
  4. The cursor disappears, and unless you're as good a keyboard jockey as I am, you'll take quite a bit of time with trial and error to figure out where the cursor i.

    (hint:  To get to the end of your typing, hit CTRL + END, otherwise, just use the mouse to precisely place the cursor where you want it to be.  In order to spell check, double click underlined words and re-type).



BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!  I ALSO Found a fix.  Granted, only tested in Firefox, and only on my computer, but at least some of y'all can give it a whirl and see if it works, right?

As long as your cookies are not corrupted, anything you type into this text box will remain there, saved, until you delete the text or else hit submit.  (I believe that the text boxes are per forum, as opposed to per topic, so if you were to leave and go to another topic, you might see what you had left before unsubmitted when trying to reply to another post).

That being said, when the editor went wonky on me, I verified that everything I had read about was occurring - and then without submitting my post, I performed a HARD REFRESH of the page (CTRL + F5).

And my editor was working again.  I had a cursor.  I could apply multiple typefaces.  CTRL + right click paste method pastes items right where the cursor is.  And I get normal usage of CTRL + V and using right click in the editor text box to paste.  Oh, and my post was exactly as I had left it before it broke.  See pic:

MB Forums 12.PNG

Again, this is on Firefox.  I can try to verify this possible fix on other browsers, of which I have quite a few installed, if you would like.  Tomorrow.

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  • Root Admin

Thanks John. I was aware but had/have not posted as I'm still not 100% certain why one minute or one post you cannot copy/paste and on another topic using the same copy/paste of code does work. As I am unable to 100% replicate this issue on demand that makes it very difficult to reproduce and fix. I want to ensure I'm providing accurate information for IPS to track this down and fix.


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I've tracked it down to some sort of interruption in page display.  I'd have to come in here exclusively for several days to narrow it down using the editor2 addon, but I'm almost 100% positive that it is a communication error.

My screen shots show the normal interaction with the text editor, and then the interaction when whatever it is that breaks, well, breaks.  The browser stops treating the editor as an editor and starts treating is uneditable text, in fact, just any other part of the webpage that is not editable by us.  The quickest way to tell if your browser has lost the ability to use the editor is to right click in the editor - if you see the first menu, with the nav buttons at the top, then your browser doesn't understand that it is an editor anymore.  If you see the second one, then the browser does understand.  And that is why a force reload of the page usually fixes it, whereas a regular page refresh may not.

I know we had a discussion before about the native editing in Firefox, and such, bu this is strictly page communication.  A side effect I've seen is that, when you hit the submit button, if your settings are to return to the thread you just posted to, and there has been a communication error, then the thread updates, showing your post as the last post, but still showing another editor box at the bottom as if you are about to enter another reply.

This behavior should not happen.  And gain, it goes back to a communication error.

I surmise that what is happening is that the page does not completely load (like those old errors we used to get, where we would see in the status bar of our browser, the message Page loaded, but with errors - most notable in older IE versions.  But for me I almost never have that issue - and whenever I see transmission bugs appear (like hitting submit and then watching the circle spin forever) I force reload the page again instead of hitting the submit button.  The above error happened as I was in the middle of writing a reply and I received a desktop notification for a reply to another thread.  I'm hoping that scenario occurs again so that I can test if that issue has been fixed or not.

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  • Root Admin

Yes, I was talking with other team members and said that some type of communication issue is going on and that if/when I get time I want to try to profile the site to see if I can extract and get some graphs to better explain who/why/what is causing it.

Thank you so much for all your continued help here John, greatly appreciated.



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How about if it is related to the editor box text saving feature?  What if the comm error manifests itself when you're composing a lengthy reply, or else taking time to insert screenshots, links to other pages, etc. and when it performs it's autosave feature, it breaks, because of a transmission error, and poof, the browser doesn't know that there is an editor box anymore?

The reason I suggest it is that I've had 3 desktop notifications pop up while typing 3 different replies thus far - and the editor box did not break.

And when I reported the above, I was also doing something like that, in that I had that reply box open for quite a while, jumping between tabs, etc.  So the desktop notification may, in fact, have just been a coincidental occurrence at the time.

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