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Windows 7, Temporary Profile after Ransomware Installation


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I have a problem on different PC´s with Windows 7 and Malwarebytes Antimalware Premium, Avira Free and Ransomware installation.

After any days the PC´s will only load a temporary User Profile.

When i removed Avira or Ransomware the problem is fixed.

Any idea ?


UweJo ;-)


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Hello UweJo and :welcome:

Please create the following zipped archives for developer team analysis:

Create a zip archive of the directory C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware\
Create another zip archive of the directory C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs\

Please attach the above zipped archives to your next reply and then do a conventional Windows uninstall & reinstall of Beta5, MBARW and include the status of the system's issue in your next reply.

Thank you for beta testing MBARW and your valued feedback.

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Hi 1PW,

thanks for the fast reply.

Can i find this directorys after delete Ransomware ?

When it can be find, i will make it tomorrow (now are the clients offline and i have no access).

The problem is on the PC´s from my clients...

I am installing at the moment the same configuration in a virtual machine and i hope the same problem is in the next time.

The Systems are Windows 7 Ultimate & Home Preimum 32 Bit with avira free, mbam premium and mbarw





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Hi 1PW,

it is gone very fast...

Here are the Files...

W7 Ulti new installed, avira free, mbam premium (now only 14 day trial) and ransomware

After a restart it will onloy loading a temporary profil for Windows 7.

When i remove avira free or ransomware the original profile will work.

Any idea ?

Thanks from Fuerteventura ;-)




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Hello UweJo:

It appears as if Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware (MBARW) Beta appears to be installed in an enterprise environment and the MBARW developers have not approved the use of MBARW in that manner

Additionally due to the fact that the MBARW project is in the earliest phases of Beta, the use of MBARW in any commercial/enterprise/production environment is strongly discouraged at this time.

For use in a Home Consumer beta testing environment, MBARW Beta6 (v0.9.15.416) was released over a week ago.

Thank you for your interest in MBARW and your continued patience and understanding.

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Hi 1Pw,

that is o.k. and i am understood, because i will give a feedback with the Problems, it is only a Beta Version and it is free ;-)

Malwarebytes are the Number 1 since the last years and i hope for the next time too ;-)

Because why i can not upload the Files that you have requestet ?

21,6 MB ?

Error -201 ?

Thanks for the Support.


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  • 5 months later...

Hi, I just signed to let u know I had same problem as OP, in two different computers.

Computer setups: Windows 7 pro, one oem, one retail. Installed Avira, Malwarebytes free, malwarebytes anti exploit. When I installed anti ransomware, I was getting errros - after login, windows would load my profile as temporary profile, thus disregarding all user settings.


Just wanted to let you know, maybe it helps.

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I experienced the same issue with a Windows 10 Pro 1607 14393.187 system.  Periodically (not regularly), the system will boot to a temp profile. Usually, if I logoff and then log in to my local account again, it will boot normally.  This has occurred with the last two beta versions (the only ones used on this system). After uninstalling MBARW, the problem ceases.

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Yes, I forgot to mention that I was getting that problem periodically also, like in post above.

Accounts affected was both with admin and user rights. Computers are not part of domain, standard policy settings. One of them was fresh install of everything, as computer just came from the store. 

Uninstalling MBARW solved the problem.

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