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Malware Protection Deleting Programs

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I discovered recently that an important program has disappeared from my system. Not all the other related files, just the executable. Attempting to re-install the thing didn't work either, until some troubleshooting led me to turn off Malware Protection, and the program stayed put, making me have to add it to exceptions. Now another one has gone missing, one that came tacked on with my AMD drivers update. I did specifically allow these things to be installed, and there may be others.

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Hi, @scythemouse, and :welcome:

The phenomenon you refer to is called a False Positive (aka FP).  As with any anti-malware / anti-virus / malicious file scanner software, false positives are going to be detected.  What you have done so far is the correct procedure for your particular case on your system.

If you would be willing to help out the MB developers a little, please read and follow the instructions in the following topic:

To make the report, please start a new topic in the same forum that the above post is located.  For your convenience, I'm pasting the link to that forum where you can post the FP as well:  https://forums.malwarebytes.org/forum/42-file-detections/

In your case, since there were more than one file, you can probably put both together in the same post - be sure to include both logs showing the detection of the FPs, in case they were detected at different times.


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Good enough.  If you see it happening more, or if you want further assistance, let us know - we'll be more than happy to assist you in running some utilities and submitting the logs here so we can take a look.

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