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Instructions for temporarily disabling MBAM 2?

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As instructed on the forum home page, spent time searching 'temporarily disabling' MBAM, but instructions found (for ex:

Apache123 on 21 Aug 2014) seem outdated, the steps do not correspond with what is seen on the settings page for the most recent version.

As per instructions posted in Microsoft Community, AV and AntiMalware programs may interfere with successful downloading of large Windows Service Pack updates, and it is recommended that they be temporarily shut-off.

I don't believe that this is my problem, but am knocking-out all possible sources one-by-one.

If anyone could please post the easiest way for me to do this, I'd be grateful.  Thanks.

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Hi, @JBK65

The instructions regarding the large SP downloads from Micro$oft assume that you ahve a real-time scanning engine running that needs to be disabled.  MBAM comes in 2 flavors:

  1. MBAM Free, which is an on demand scanner (meaning you ahve to manually run it in order to scan for malware), and
  2. MBAM Premium, which includes a real time Malware scanner, a real time website scanner, and a built-in scheduling agent that allows you to automatically scan for malware as well as schedule database update download and installation.

If you are running MBAM Free, then you are fine - simply make sure MBAM is not running and you are fine.

If you are running MBAM Premium, then the simplest way to disable protection is to find the MBAM icon in your notification area (aka system tray), right-click on the MBAM icon, and select Exit from the bottom of the menu that pops up.

(NOTE:  It may take a few minutes for MBAM to finish all of its task before it actually shut down, which you will know once the icon disappears from the notification area.  ALSO Note:  If you are running MBAM premium, please be sure that you do not have an automatic scan schedule during the time that you will be downloading the files that you need, because those schedules may automatically run MBAM even if it is not currently running, depending upon how they are configured.)

If you are not sure which version you are running, open MBAM and on the main Window it will say Free (and perhaps display a warning that you are not fully protected) if it is the free version, and show an activate tab at the top near the right.  Premium does neither of these, and once running, even after closing the window, you will see the icon in the notification area.

Please post back if you have any more questions.

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I could be wrong, but Malwarebytes does not scan files as they are downloaded, that is the job of your antivirus software.  Malwarebytes scans the files on execution.  That being said, Malwarebytes will not interfere with a large download...  I have downloaded many files from Microsoft, quite large at that and none have failed due to my AV or MBAM.

Staff can correct me if I am wrong.

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Thanks for both fast replies.

Re:  Galt's post, forgive my apparent dyslexia, but I still don't follow: '...find the MBAM icon in your notification area (aka system tray), right click on the MBAM icon, and select exit from the bottom of the menu that pops up.'

There are four screens in MBAM:  Dashboard, Scan, Settings, History.  Maybe I'm missing something staring at something looking me in the face, but where is the 'MBAM icon' that I'm supposed to 'right click' on?

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Nope - that is the main program window.  If you have MBAM Premium, then it will run a module that resides with all the little icons by your clock at the far right edge of the taskbar when your taskbar is at the bottom of your screen. 

If you close the MBAM window you are looking at now, and do not see the icon with the system tray icons, then you already have the real time protection turned off. 

Just to be sure, though, reboot your computer to make sure it does not appear there again, and if it does, follow the steps to right click and select exit.

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