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--Control-Scans-- in Taskbar Icon Tray


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In the Icon Tray, when Rt.Click the MalwareBytes Icon;

Would you please consider adding the following Option; It will require 1 additional line.

Adding this option will prevent user (and --Save a Lot of Wait Time--, especially, if a SCAN is running) from having to Open Malware Bytes and go thru 2 or 3 additional mouse clicks to achieve what I'm suggesting. 

If no scan is running; The line would read "Begin Scan Now" 
If a scan is running: The line would read "Pause active Scan" or something similar
If a scan is 'Paused': The line would read "Resume Paused Scan"

This will allow user to control scans with 2 - mouse clicks, vs opening the program and still having to navigate to other screens

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Hi, @AWP, and :welcome:

  1. The first would be hard to do, because then you also have to specific what kind of scan you want to perform, and if you want to perform a custom scan then you need to select options, etc.
  2. The second may not be a great idea, as it could possibly be hijacked by malware to prevent scanning of itself.  I'll let a developer weigh in.  However, I do agree with the idea.  (NOTE:  The wait time will still be the same, using this option, though)
  3. I would like to see this, as well.

Hopefully a staff member can comment on this some more.

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