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Windows 10 64 BSOD Error 1392

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Just went through a week+ of BSOD crashes that appear to have come from some conflict arising from the most recent Malwarebytes Pro upgrade that kept causing BAD_POOL_HEADER & BAD_POOL_CALLER BDOSs. At one point I got a specific Malwarebytes error message 1392. (It might've been 1392L but I think I wrote the L in by mistake. It rebooted before I could doublecheck.) I uninstalled Malwarebytes but reinstalled (as instructed by Microsoft) after I rebooted. Crashes continued so I've uninstalled it again but would like to figure out what the problem is so I can correct it & reinstall ASAP. Malwarebytes seemed to be having conflicts with the file sptd2.sys.

Any suggestions?

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Hello and welcome:

We have a special forum area reserved for BSOD work and staffed by BSOD experts.

I suggest starting with the advice in this pinned topic: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista

Then, please start a new post there, including as much of the requested information as you can.


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Do you know the make / model of your pc's systemboard?  Is it an Asus or Gigabyte ?  If so, please see  

Posted by Imacri



Plus, tell me what brand-name of antivirus is on this box.

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