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Malwarebytes Antiexploit / Ransomware?


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if I have MBAE

will it protect me from 

REF. url 

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Posted 26 January · Report post
Malwarebytes believes in a layered approach to security. Each layer has a specific objective and a unique technology to achieve that objective.
In the case of ransomware, we are able to block it in four different layers:

Most ransomware infects using exploit-based delivery mechanisms




since some of the new infections are coming from opening emails and infected word doc's and exploting os or applications will it be covered having antiexploit?

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22 minutes ago, Travus said:


MBARW-Beta has had its share of issues, as one might expect with a new, unstable beta product.

However, I think you probably meant to say: "If I have MBAE, will it protect me from ransonmware?", not "...will it protect me from Anti-Ransomware"? :lol::lol:

{{I am not picking on you. It's just that the typo is one of those "Freudian slips".}};)

But, to answer your question: MBAM, MBAE and MBARW-beta provide different types of protection against different types of malware and malware vectors.

MBARW-beta is still just that. Eventually the technology will be incorporated into MBAM.
MBAE is a separate, standalone product. Staff will correct me if I am wrong, but AFAIK it will remain so.

MBARW-beta is NOT recommended at this time for use in a production environment.  You may want to wait until a more stable version becomes available.

Thank you.

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MBARW-beta is still just that. Eventually the technology will be incorporated into MBAM. ????

this is a copy of a email I got from MB.

it sounds to me that it will be in Anti-Exploit not Malware Bytes Anti-Malware 



Adobe issued an emergency update to its Adobe Flash Player software today after researchers discovered a vulnerability that was being exploited to deliver ransomware (variants of Cerber ransomware). Flash has over one billion users, so odds are you are affected by this update. 

This is exactly the type of zero-day attack Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium can protect you from. So, nice work! If you're currently running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Exploit Premium, your computer will be safe. 

As a precaution, we suggest you update your Adobe Flash Player (Shockwave Flash Plugin). In addition, we also recommend you install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium if you haven't already. For top security, run both Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium, as a layered approach is the best way to keep threats off your computer. 

We'd hate to see your computer compromised. Here at Malwarebytes, we pledge to keep you protected and informed about the latest issues. Your peace of mind is our number one priority. 

The Malwarebytes Team 

P.S. Learn more about this threat here.

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Hi, @Travus.

The contents of that email do not have anything to do with the βeta product Anti-Ransomware.  The contents of that email are congratulating you on already using Anti-Exploit as a means to prevent delivery of ransomware to your system by protecting yourself from vulnerabilities found in Adobe Flash.

What this means is that MBAE in and of itself will not prevent Ransomware directly, as MBARW does.  However, it can help prevent infections indirectly by preventing the Adobe Flash software from being used as the payload to deliver the malicious ransomware to your system.

Hope it makes more sense now.  :)

NOTE: You can also see MB Staffer Maurice's post here for confirmation on the future integration:



Edited by John L. Galt
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