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Very long scan times

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I am using MBAM Premium on Windows 7 Prof. 64-bit.  I run an MBAM scan almost every day.  I've noticed that the scans take much longer than they used to, and much longer than some other people with similar systems have reported.  Today, for example, the scan took 39:11 to scan 386,171 files.   I do not think that my computer is infected.  Scans always come up clean, except on very rare occasions when there are confirmed false positives.   I've had no problems with MBAM (which I've used for years), except for the length of the scans.  It was suggested to me that I should raise the issue here and see whether anyone from MBAM can let me know whether there's a problem with my computer or not.  I've attached the three files that were requested in the instructions: FRST.txt, Addition.txt, and CheckResults.txt. 

Many thanks.




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Many, many different factors impact scan times -- some of them can be controlled by the user (e.g. temp files, software conflicts) and others cannot (e.g. hardware specs).

And it would help if you could please ATTACH the latest MBAM SCAN LOG to your next reply here in this thread (let us know if you need help with that).

A couple of observations from the logs:

  • Your Addition.txt log is incomplete/truncated -- it would help if you could please re-post it. 
  • Your MBAM logs show that the program has not been CLEANLY reinstalled for almost 2 years (April 2014), so there are a ton of accumulated logs.
  • (Unrelated: Your Firefox browser is several versions out of date - that is a security risk; it would be a good idea to update to the current build, 45.0.1)
  • (Unrelated: There are some programs in your malware exclusions that probably do not need to be there.)

For starters, let's try this:

     1.       Please carefully follow all the steps in this pinned topic to uninstall your current version of MBAM and reinstall the latest build - MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x

2.       If that does not correct the issue, then please read the following and attach to your next reply a fresh set of the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs(the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)  If you get to this point and need to re-run FRST, please be sure to place a check-mark in the "Addition.txt" option before you run it.

3.       NOTE: More info about v2.2.1 HERE; User Guide ONLINE; User Guide PDF; FAQ: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

Please let us know how it goes.

Thank You,


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You've nailed it, daledoc1!  The scan I just ran after uninstalling and reinstalling MBAM (the same version and database, but a newly downloaded copy) has apparently reduced the scan time from 39:11 to 22:09!  MANY THANKS!!

I might add that I also took your advice to upgrade Firefox from version 43 to 45, though I usually use Pale Moon rather than Firefox.  But I agree that it's important to keep Firefox up-to-date as well, since I do use it from time to time.

Again, thanks very much for your help.

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Sorry, I was offline for a while and missed your last reply.
I'm glad the reinstall resolved your issues.
One other thing caught my eye: You have the PUP detections set to "warn" rather than to treat as malware.  Are you sure you want to keep that setting?
While PUPs are not malware, per se, they are junk and can get you into trouble with real malware sooner or later, as explained here.

<But it's up to you>


No, the Addition.txt log is still truncated. It looks as if the scanner did not finish its job properly or it did not complete its log.

In any event, you still might want to proceed with the MBAM clean reinstall, as suggested.

Another consideration (based on the available info in the incomplete logs): if you have not done so recently, you might want to create a System Restore Point, and then clean up temporary files either with the native Win7 applet, or with a 3rd-party program, such as CCleaner or TFC.

If you're still having issues after those steps, then we'll likely need to send you to a different forum area for some deeper diagnostics and cleanup.



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Hi again, daledoc1,

In answer to your question about my PUPs setting, yes, I do want to keep it at "warn" rather than "treat as malware."  In the past, MBAM has flagged as PUPs and treated as malware files that I want.  The easiest way to prevent that from happening is to ask MBAM to let me know about the PUPs and let me decide what to do.  I appreciate the fact that MBAM gives me that option.

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Just a quick follow-up.  Today, MBAM's scan was even faster than yesterday's. Then, I was delighted that it had gone from 39:11 to 22:09.  Well, today the scan finished in 18:10, less than half the time it took before I uninstalled MBAM and installed a newly downloaded copy of the same version!

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Hi, again:

Yes, no two scans even on the same system will ever be exactly the same. That is normal.

Yes, subsequent scans run during the same Windows user session will often be a bit faster than the first one during that user session, due to disk caching. That, too, is normal.

Many factors impact scan times -- some make them longer, others shorter; some can be controlled by the user, others not. In general, there's no need to spend too much time obsessing about scan times unless the system is having problems.;)

Thanks for the update.


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Hi daledoc1,

I wasn't obsessing over the difference in scan times between yesterday and today, and I'm well aware that scan times will vary.  I was simply VERY pleased that today's scan was even noticeably shorter than yesterday's good result, and I thought other people concerned about long scan times might find these results encouraging.  I should add that the 18:10 time did not occur on a subsequent scan during the same Windows user session.  I turned off my computer the night before and rebooted this morning, so today's time occurred during a fresh session.

Again, many thanks for your help.

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