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Cosmetic/aesthetic "bugs": cont'd.

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I'm glad to see that the "Post Sidebar Display" punctuation bug has been fixed.
Thanks for that!

And I originally intended to wait before reporting these other, cosmetic issues, even as we wait to hear back about the much more significant functional regressions.

But, in the spirit of "low-hanging fruit", here are a few more:

  1. The main page banner area looks <ahem> rather sloppy, with elements that are out of alignment and apparently positioned ~randomly on the page (see screen shot). When clicking on the tabs, they come forward, but seem to be out of alignment and the "Topics" banner appears to be floating above the topline of the main topic banner?
    1. By comparison, here are a few other forum main pages ("old" and "new", using IPS and competitor software) that are cleanly and properly laid out:
      1. Kaspersky forum
      2. Mozillazine forum
      3. Mozilla.org forum
      4. Bleepingcomputer forums
      5. Windows 10 forums
  2. The black font for regular members (and the dark green font for Malware Helpers) is nearly illegible on the member profile pages against the black banner.
    1. Click on the profile of any regular member or Malware Hunter to see what I mean.
    2. Perhaps the default banner could be changed to something else that does not obscure the group label.
  3. The display for the forum main page tab is: "Forums - Malwarebytes Forums", which is redundant and vague.
    1. Examples of more meaningful, informative display names from community home page tabs include:
      1. Kaspersky Lab Forum (Powered by Invision Power Board)
      2. Forums.Mozillazine.org
      3. Get Community Support | Mozilla Support
      4. Bleepingcomputer Technical Support Forums
      5. Windows 10 Forums
    2. I suggest changing the main page tab to "Malwarebytes Forums" or "Malwarebytes | Support Forums" or something like that.

To reiterate, I am MUCH MORE concerned about the loss of BBCode and Preview Post and about the dysfunctional Rich Text Editor.
So these are offered as secondary suggestions.





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