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Database Growth with 20 Endpoints

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I am going to be purchasing the Malwarebytes Endpoint Security for my company. I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard and will be using a hybrid setup. I will have 20 end points, employees connecting VPN to the main office from around the world. My question is in regards to the Database disk space consumption over time, I have many 1TB-4TB drives, though my protected C:"OS" partition is something I keep to a minimal size, with very strict user access rights. I would like to include the Malwarebytes software on the OS partition, I would like to know how much space I will be looking at giving to it so that the database has plenty of room to grow.

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The SQL/SQL Express database for 20 users will not use a huge amount of space.  If you invest (a.k.a. buy) SQL Server, you can use as much disk space as you need and should place the database on whichever drive you need.  If you use SQL Express (which we provide along with Endpoint Security for use in managed mode), the MAXIMUM disk space it can use is 10 gigabytes.  That's small in today's world.  There will be communications between the clients and the database, as well as between the server and the database, so having the database on the same physical drive as the OS will keep it busier.  However, most users have the database and the OS on the same drive and only face issues when there are a lot of infections on more machines than you intend to use.  Go to the Malwarebytes web page, click on SUPPORT in the upper right, then scroll down to GUIDES on the page that opens.  You will find a BEST PRACTICES GUIDE that will help you with many questions you are likely to have.

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