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After installing new beta


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After installing the new beta i had problems opening the MBAR interface. When open it displayed conflicting notifications, see image below.

Clicking on "Start Protection" did not do anything. So I went back to the original download link, downloaded a new Setup File and ran it. That 

solved my problem.

I clicked on feedback and that is how I am here. I no longer have a problem but wanted to post in case someone else has this problem.

This is a link to the webpage where my MBAR Setup download link is located.



mbar problem.png

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Hello davidmg:

Although a clean re-install is sometimes indicated per accompanying logs, you did good! Please monitor for any irregularities and accompany with the usual requested logs.

Thank you very much for beta testing MBARW Beta6 and your valuable feedback.

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Yes I know the logs you want. But I need to Google "How to create a ZIP file". Unless you have a link?

I have never really needed to create a zip file.

I read the instructions that said "If MBAR does not restart, rerun the New Beta Install" in the installation fine print.

So I thought I could do what I did. Thanks for the praise.

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I am using MBAR to stand for Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomeware NOT Anti-Rootkit. I notice you use MBARW so what is the "W" stand for?

As far as Anti-Rootkit I thought it was part of my MBAM Premium.



mbam 8.png

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Hello davidmg:

You are correct. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) does have an integral Anti-Rootkit Module.  Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta (MBAR Beta) is the persistent testing program for the proposed changes that will usually become part of MBAM at anytime.

I got it "W" is for WARE in Ransomeware.

Yes - except for the "e" in the middle. :)

Thank you.

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