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p2pservices.exe Keylogger not detected

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Hi everyone,

nicely tugged away between Microsoft's Peer Networking Services (for Homegroups, etc.) a nasty key-logger named "p2pservices.exe" suddenly appeared and started recording my every keystroke. The only indication that something was wrong came via the sudden disappearance of several tools from Autostart. MBAM, along with several other AntiMalware tools running on the infected system, failed to recognize this little bugger and a tedious, manual removal of the culprits (main calling apps and log-files in hidden directories) was required.

Please be careful out there!



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Written warnings on file names really doesn't help.  Any file can be named anything.

Malwarebytes has a submission sub-forum where malware that is targeted, but not presently detected, can be submitted.  Keyloggers and other more common malware are submitted in; 

Newest Malware Threats

Please reference the following on how to provide sample submissions such that Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) can detect targeted but presently undetected threats.

Malware hunters please read
Purpose of this forum
Malware Hunters group


Submitting the malware would do far more than just posting a 1BOLO on the file name "p2pservices.exe".


1.  BOLO - Be On the LookOut


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