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Google Chrome block with new Trusteer Rapport


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You default account should have admin privileges.  If you are already logged in as admin, then you may not see the prompt.  Have you altered your UAC settings?

Do you see the Command Prompt as Admin when you right-click the start button?

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22 minutes ago, John L. Galt said:

OK, dcmargo, if you can reboot, and then check.  If it still breaks, then you'll need to disable those settings again.  I had hoped that Trusteer had also pushed out a new update today.

Nope, after rebooting I'm having the exact same issue. All three aforementioned settings are affecting Chrome and it is still crashing.

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Lol yeah, you beat me to it on that one.  But, what's more, is that Trusteer Rapport users using Firefox and IE don't have an issue.  It's only the specific combination of Chrome, TP and MBAE.

The MBAE FAQs show that TP has been an issue with MBAE for a while, but that was with an older version. The last build apparently made something go wonky in the way Chrome is protected by MBAE.  I don't have TP installed at all, and I have 0 issue with Chrome and MBAE.

In addition to the fixes that Pedro posted, he also noted that they have already contact Trusteer and that both companies are working on a solution, and I know he will be back to let y'all know when it gets resolved.

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Aha! Thanks. MBAE -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Advanced Memory Protection -> Malicious return address detection -> uncheck for Chrome -> Apply

seems to have worked without a reboot too. (Of course switching off a security protection because of a false positive makes me wheeze...)


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