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Outlook Office 365 DNS Connection issues

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Outlook was disconnecting from my hosted exchange server and would not reconnect.  Microsoft tech support had me uninstall MB and said that they have been receiving "complaints" about this issue and for some, MB seems to be the cause.  I have not had the problem since uninstalling both my MB products. 

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I'd certainly be willing to help you look into this further. I use Outlook 365 both 2013 and 2016 and do not have any type of issue with DNS. Perhaps some other proxy or other similar issues going on. If you have someone with a bit of networking experience that is will to work with me on it I'd be more than happy to take a look and see what we can find.

My initial guess would be "my hosted exchange server" - who/where it's hosted could easily be the issue. There are certainly hosting providers out there that are on our block list because they allow malware threats on their network which is not safe for their customers or ours.

If you'd like further assistance please let me know.



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I have this exact same issue.  Apparently this is a known BUG in this software.  No one at Malwarebytes can offer any help, so don't bother.  I have seen related posts going back several years.  If they haven't figured it out by now, it is likely they never will.  To get my email working, I have to disable and re-enable the malicious website protection then the DNS requests will make it out for a while. Then it starts blocking them again.  It only seems to affect outlook.office365.com.  I have sniffed it a bit with WireShark and the request is generated (tried from outlook and console) so it is not an Outlook issue.  Somewhere in the interface between MB and the Win. network stack it is just getting lost.  No record of it being intentionally blocked.  It never leaves the computer.  I exchanged some messages with tech support and they tend to point to MS, I am sure MS would point right back at MB, so we, the customers are just s out of luck.  Live with it, or remove the product.  I will likely remove it when I find a suitable replacement.  I otherwise like the product.

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