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Is Windows Vista supported


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I am a college teacher in Italy; in the faculty we have many old computers (2007-2008).

Windows Vista is the OS.

I hate Vista and at home I have totally skipped it... jumping from XP to Windows 7 in 2009.

Unluckily our university has received the last flow of funds before the crisis... when Windows 7 was not still around.

Recently we had 3 computers used by students attacked by a nasty Ransomware (not detected by antivirus, probably it was hidden in email attachments).

Luckily the hard disks did not contain very important informations but we had to format and reinstall OS.

A software protecting computer from this kind of attacks is a blessing. And I am glad that Malwarebytes had developed it; I am an early fan of your company... at home I use Antimalware since 2008 and I am very pleased with it.

But when I have tried to install Anti Ramsonware on the faculty's computers it gave this error message "your system is not supported".

So I suppose that Vista is not supported.

Question... will the final version (not the beta) work on Windows Vista?

I know that Windows Vista is used by a very small minority... maybe only the 3% or 4% worldwide (and gradually decreasing)... so maybe is not worth the effort to make the software work on that OS... but please keep in mind that the old computers of faculties, schools, public libraries, offices and hospitals are at very high risk of attack. And sometimes people - especially in countries heavily hit by financial crisis like Italy, Spain or Greece - can't afford to buy new computers or change OS.

Thanks in advance.





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20 minutes ago, daman1 said:

Unfortunately a lot of people are in your situation were they have older PC's and can't afford to upgrade that's why other security measures need to be taken to strengthen older obsolete systems. 

No matter how hard you try, you'll never be able to fully secure an outdated system. You can't rely on programs to patch/protect/cover core vulnerabilities and holes in the system.

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