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Question & feedback for antirookit

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can we have to get a new version of the anti-rookit better than the previous because the scanning feature is very slow and it just detected adware stuff and not to detected a real rootkits infection ! I have test this on my bro laptop some day ago ! so can you to added more real detection ? so here my Question blow ! :rolleyes:

1- why your rootkit tool haven't catching up a real rootkits infection ? it’s never catch it as I know -- ) :huh:

2- why your rootkit tool  is going to scaninng the system very slowed ? <_<


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You do know that Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit technology is integrated in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware once it reaches a stable level, right? Once done, Malwarebytes update MBAR with a new version (in beta) so they (and the users) can test it, and then repeat the process.

Maybe MBAR never caught any rootkit infections when you used it because you never used it on a system infected with a rootkit?

And rootkit scans are always long because depending on the kind of rootkit you are infected with, they can be located very deeply within the system and therefore it isn't something you'll detect in 5-6 seconds.

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I really appreciate this ! However I have a laptop is an old one, the operating system is Windows XP Professional, I had a problem where the system is unable to boot to the normal mode, but with the safe mode I was have access there and then, I have run a malware check with Mbam and other software and they catch nothing ! Except a software called Comodo Cleaning Essentials which is the only scanner that catch an rootkits infection on my old laptop and it really safe my a lot to lose ! https://www.comodo.com/business-security/network-protection/cleaning_essentials.php

after I removed of rootkits infection then I go to reboot the labtop then wow the sytstem is now working as before without any issue !

note : all other antirookit scanner out there was unable to catch anything rootkits ! -( Gmer and so on etc )-

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yeah ! sure !


====== System Information ======

Computer Name:   

Log on User:   

Memory Size:   

Windows Directory:    C:\WINDOWS

Windows Version:    Xp (32bit)

CCE Version:    2.5.242177.201


Virus database version: 17040


[08:44:48] Scan started.

====== Cleanup results ======

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Windows Workflow FoundationȌః扏济RawCdRomȃ敋ꁹ苞鰈Ȃః扃扲    Rootkit.HiddenService    HIDDENSVR    Clean    OK

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Windows Workflow FoundationȌః扏济RawCdRomȃ敋ꁹ苞鰈Ȃః扃扲    Rootkit.HiddenService    HIDDENSVR    Clean    OK

Global    MSCONFIG    SYSCHANGE    Repair    OK

Global    HOSTS    SYSCHANGE    Repair    OK


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Windows Workflow Foundation and are legitimate services. I think they were flagged because of the special Unicode characters in the key name. Without the original keys, we can't say for sure if they were malicious or not. It looks like Registry corruption to me.

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