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Very long wait e-mail login

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I recently upgraded two of my desktop computers Malwarebytes Pro versions to version  Upon upgrading, the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program is now taking a long time to login to the Verizon e-mail accounts for both my wife and I.  Sometimes we receive an error message that the login authentication failed.  It should be noted that I upgraded one computer first and noticed the slow down only on it.  Several days later I upgraded the other computer and it too developed the slow down.  Both computers were logging on to our e-mail accounts without problems prior to the upgrade.  I also tried my laptop computer, which does not have Malwarebytes installed, and everything works normally.  I have confirmed that my e-mail settings have not changed on both desktops and the laptop computer and all three systems are using Windows 7 64-bit.  Changing Malwarebytes settings to disable protection does not seem to help. 

Any suggestions?

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Every system is different, of course, but I have seen no change in TB behavior since the MBAM upgrade.

There was also a recent TB patch update from 38.7.0 with "security fixes" and another one a few days later to 38.7.1.
Moreover, since you say that disabling MBAM protection "does not seem to help", I would look elsewhere for the source of your problem.

The new TB build may not be fully recognized by your AV/firewall or other security applications -- so I would recheck those to make sure that TB has full permissions.

Otherwise, it would help to know a bit more about the systems.

For one computer at a time, please read the following and attach to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)


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8 minutes ago, Tshark said:

Thank you for your quick response.  I have double checked the firewall settings and everything is correct.  No AV software is being run.  Here are the requested files.


That's not good.
MBAM is not an antivirus or a substitute for an AV, as explained here:


If disabling MBAM protection does not solve the problem, MBAM is not likely to be the source of the issue.
We could go a step further and have you temporarily uninstall MBAM to troubleshoot.
BUT, as you say you have no real-time AV protection, that's not advisable at this time.

I would also look in your TB profile for possible messed up account settings (especially given the 2 recent TB program updates), a wonky extension or add-on, etc.

But please stand by as your logs are reviewed and further advice provided.


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The most obvious issue in the logs (aside from having neither AV nor firewall) is that a critical MBAM service is not running (see below).

As far as the TB issue, I don't see anything in the logs to explain the problem -- the issue likely lies with your ISP, hardware or TB itself (the profile).

But IMHO your first priority now is to install a robust, real-time antivirus -- there are many excellent choices to suit every computer, user and budget.
Even when it is working correctly, MBAM Premium provides complementary protection with an AV, it does not replace it.

Then I would perform a CLEAN reinstall of MBAM to see if it can be restored to proper working order
Instructions for that are here



Potential issues:

Type:                   2
State:                  1 (The service is not running.) (State is stopped)
WIN32_EXIT_CODE:        1077
CHECKPOINT:             0
WAIT_HINT:              0




Having said all that, I will escalate your case to a more expert Malwarebytes staff member.
He may spot other relevant info in the logs, for which a deeper look at the system in the malware removal area might be needed.




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3 minutes ago, John L. Galt said:

Yup, the OP disabled that to troubleshoot the TB slowdown.


Good idea.

But it ought to have been re-enabled once the troubleshooting was complete.:unsure:

Sans AV or firewall, he is pretty vulnerable right now.

@Tshark: as @John L. Galt suggests, if you can, please re-enable your Malicious Website Blocking module.  If you cannot enable it, please tell us, as that suggests the possibility of malware infection/damage or something else corrupting or interfering with MBAM.

While we wait for our forum staff to review your logs, I'd be looking into a good AV. Some basic suggestions here:


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  • Root Admin

The computer is experiencing issues with a portion of the network stack.

Error: (03/28/2016 09:40:45 AM) (Source: Service Control Manager) (EventID: 7001) (User: )
Description: The Network List Service service depends on the Network Location Awareness service which failed to start because of the following error:

It also appears to have an issue with Windows Search.

Error: (03/28/2016 09:40:39 AM) (Source: DCOM) (EventID: 10005) (User: )
Description: 1084WSearch{7D096C5F-AC08-4F1F-BEB7-5C22C517CE39}

Please try the following to fix the Search issue.

Please visit the following site and run the fixit tool from Microsoft.
Fix Windows Desktop Search when it crashes or not showing results

Then I would suggest following the advice from the topic here Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and having one of the Experts assist you with looking into your issue.

They should be able to get you fixed up.




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Just wanted to thank you all for the support.  It appears the problem was ISP related.  Since Verizon e-mail service has recently been turned over to AOL, I should have guessed there would be problems.  The ISP just happened to be giving me trouble at the same time I updated Malwarebytes.  I did follow the suggestions regarding the Windows Desktop search and installed AV software to compliment Malwarebytes.  Interesting that no firewall was detected from my submission as I have both a hardware firewall and Windows firewall installed/operating and I monitor the ports.  I feel like an idiot providing the requested files with MBAM disabled.  Since disabling MBAM did not seem to make a difference I figured that if the program WAS causing the problem it would still be evident in the files.

I am glad that MBAM was not the problem.  I having been using the program for years and this was the first time I suspected MBAM as a culprit to any problem.

Thanks again for the help!

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