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Double Content posts

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Same here.  I've noticed also, that at times I'll submit a post and it will say waiting, but in my locked tab, upon updating, my post is already there.  If I can catch it in time, and close the original tab I made the submission in, I only get a single post added as a reply.

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same here,  but that's something that happened not only recent and can as well be a server problem have that problem also on other forums from time to time it's something that occurs. The best thing  to do is just when it "hesitates" just refresh your page and than it will pass your post and not cliq again submit reply so you avoid the double postings

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5 minutes ago, AlexSmith said:

EDIT: No joke, the "double post/content" issue just happened to me right now when posting this.


Yes, there is a method to our madness.:lol:

Seriously, though, indexing/refresh aside, I wonder if it's somehow related to the behavior I've seen where a post does not appear for several minutes (reported in another thread here)?
The Online Users page and user's profile shows that the post was made, but when you view the forum in question, it's NOT there.
Reloading the page has no effect. One just has to wait until it appears.

This *is* new behavior with 4.1.


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