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Already have Malware Pro Do I need New Malware?

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Ok last night my wife's computer upgraded a version of Malwarebytes directed by the company.  We already paid $30 a few years ago for Malwarebytes.

There were advertisements for Malwarebytes Anti Malware Premium and Malwarebytes Anti Exploit Premium which I bought today.

I figured it had been years since I last purchased the Malwarebytes that I needed an upgrade. 

However in my Malwarebytes on my computer there isn't a place to activate the new Premium code.  Do I uninstall my current Malwarebytes and install the Premium?

Or did I make a mistake and did not need the Premium at all?  I'm confused at the moment.

I have Windows XP so I thought the Anti Exploit would be good to have regardless.  But now I'm not so sure.  Please advise me.



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Your post is a little hard to follow, but I'll answer what I think you're asking.  I apologize for that in advance.

If you bought Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium more than two years ago (before March 2014), it was a lifetime license and was good for one computer.  After that time, it is a one-year subscription that is valid for three computers.  If you have allowed your program to auto-upgrade as it normally does, go to the MY ACCOUNT screen (look at the right side of the black bar at the top for that link).  It will tell you whether you are licensed, the duration of the license, and whether you needed to buy a new copy.

Anti-Exploit Premium is a different story, and is totally separate from Anti-Malware.  You CAN buy the Premium version (for an additional price) or stick with the Free version.  Click on the link immediately below to see what the differences are.  You will need to scroll to the bottom of that page once you click the link.

Free vs. Premium comparison

I think the Premium version is worth it for the protection that it offers, but the above link gives you the information that lets you make an informed decision rather than rely on what I tell you here.  I hope I answered your question.  If not, please post back.

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<And here is a reply from @daledoc1 which I am adding here, just in case a message merge is as silly as other issues on the new forum software>



It sounds as if you received some marketing promotions.

OK, let's take things one product and one computer at a time.

MBAM Pro (now called MBAM Premium):

  • If you purchased a lifetime consumer license for MBAM Pro in 2013, that license is valid for "lifetime", with no expiration date or need to renew the license. It may be used on only 1 system at a time, but it can be transferred to another computer in the household.
    • The lifetime license does not ever need to be renewed./
  • If you have another, second computer, it needs its own license, because the license you bought in 2013 can be used on only one system at a time.
  • Starting in March 2014, licenses became subscription-based, needing a renewal; but some vendors still sold lifetime licenses after that date. We would need more information to know if a license you bought after March 2014 is lifetime or subscription.
  • The best way to clarify license issues is to contact Support HERE. They will tell you which, if any, of your licenses need to be renewed.

MBAE (Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit) -- Free and Premium:

  • MBAE is a separate, standalone product that provides a different type of protection alongside MBAM and your antivirus.
  • The Free version protects browsers and plug-ins; the Paid (Premium) version can be configured to protect additional applications.
  • MBAM and your AV protect against the "what" of malware, while MBAE protects against the "how" -- they are different and complementary.
  • So, yes, it is recommended to have both MBAM Premium and MBAE Premium along with your AV.
  • The licenses are separate from the MBAM licenses and they are all subscription-based (no lifetime licenses).

Hope this helps,

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Thanks to both of you for your help!

I have the Pro version on my own computer but I thought I could protect my wife's laptop with it too.

After I bought the Exploit and new Malware premium I found no place to type in the key on my current malwarebytes.  My version is

I contacted support and in the reply email before I heard back from them it was suggested I give the forums a try. 

I have the page where it has to download now both programs which I bought from malwarebytes.  I did not go to another store but directly from the home page of malewarebytes and products available. 

In the activation instructions regarding the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium it says to (use only if product needs to be reinstalled, or has never been installed).It also says in step one of the instructions:  If you do not yet have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware installed, you can download it below.

Since I have the version of do I just hit the download button and it will automatically overwrite?  Or will that cause problems?

Would I have to uninstall my current version to download the new?

I'm sorry if this seems like dumb questions but I'm trying to avoid a problem beforehand.


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Thanks for your input and feedback, especially about the new BETA product, Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware-BETA (MBARW), @tonyrayer

However, MBAM, MBAE and the new MBARW are different products with different functions. And they all are meant as adjuncts to an AV, not to replace it. They provide different types of protection. So, it's not about "price points", per se. And MBAM Free does not provide any realtime protection.

Thanks again.



Please let us know when you are ready to get things straightened out.

For the record, version 1.70 was released in Dec 2012. So, we probably ought to work on that system first to get you updated to the current build,

If you prefer instead, since you have at least 2 computers to get fixed up, you might want to contact Support HERE.
They will tell you which, if any, of your licenses need to be renewed.
And they can help with installing, updating and configuring both MBAM and MBAE.

Just let us know when you are ready how you'd like to proceed.

Thanks again,

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Ok thanks for your help.

Since I have the version of 1.70 on my computer let's do that.

Since I purchased the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium should I just download it from the site with my current 1.70 installed?  Or should I first uninstall my 1.70 version before downloading?



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Since version 1.70 is so very old, it would probably be best to perform a "clean" upgrade to the current build, rather than trying to upgrade on top.
You said that your computer is already running MBAM Pro 1.70 with the lifetime license you bought in 2013?

If that's the case:

I suggest carefully following all of the steps in this pinned topic: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x.

  • If you are upgrading your computer -- the one that has the "old" lifetime license from 2013 -- you'll want to have the license ID and Key handy before you start.
    • >> That license information will be in an email sent at the time you made the purchase. 
    • >> If you need help locating the license info, see HERE.
  • It may also help to print out and read over the instructions before you begin.
  • Please be sure to reboot (restart) the computer when prompted to do so by the removal tool.
  • It's not a bad idea to reboot again after the installation of the new version.
  • Once you get version installed, instructions to "activate" it with your Premium license are HERE.

Let us know how it goes.


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It went great thanks for all your help.

I downloaded both programs.  When I downloaded the Anti-Malware Premium it only took 18 minutes to scan my computer and found 24 threats.  My other version 1.70 would take 2 hrs and 30 minutes to run a full scan.  I guess it's good I got the new product.

Maybe it's a little late but is it safe to run Malwarebytes with Kaspersky?

I'm really glad I downloaded the Anti-Exploit because I'm still running XP and it just gives me more confidence now.  I can't stand how they keep trying to make you change and learn new systems when you've found the one you want.


Thanks a lot for your help,


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Thanks for taking the time to report back.
I'm glad I was able to help.

It sounds as if you all set now with the current versions of both MBAM Premium and MBAE Premium on both computers?

Thank you again for your support,


P.S. As for running Windows XP, no program or programs (not even MBAM and MBAE) can fully protect a system running an OS that has been EOS/EOL for 2 years with no security patches.  This was recently mentioned here and in computer help sites all over the internet.  At some point, if circumstances permit it, it would be highly advisable to upgrade to a more secure, supported OS (Windows, Mac or even Linux).  If your XP system were to be hit by serious malware, reconstituting the system (especially getting drivers for your peripherals and devices) will be increasingly difficult, even if you have robust data backups, system images, etc. <just a thought>

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2 hours ago, anth1225 said:

Maybe it's a little late but is it safe to run Malwarebytes with Kaspersky?

Yes, it is OK. Malwarebytes Premium is designed to run alongside all of the popular antivirus programs.
If you would like help setting mutual "trust" settings between MBAM and Kaspersky, let us know. It's not strictly necessary, but some users like to do so pro-actively to minimize the chance of slowdowns or other performance issues.

Is this for your XP system, by any chance?
If so, what is the exact name and version of the Kaspersky product you are running, e.g. "Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015" or "Kaspersky Internet Security 2014" or...?

The reason I ask is that Kaspersky and many other AV vendors are dropping support for Windows XP.  So, you will be stuck running an outdated, unsupported version of Kaspersky on a completely end-of-life version of Windows. As I mentioned earlier, this is not a good idea, even with the added protection of MBAM and MBAE.

Thanks again,

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Yes I have Windows XP.  Looks like Microsoft wins again.  I've got a Dell Dimension E510 and I just love it.  I hate the thought of having to buy another computer.  I don't like laptops as I'm a tower guy and a good keyboard for typing.

Lately I get a blue screen stopping everything and it says my Windows is running improperly and has to shut down.  So I have to reboot and when I do I have no problems.

.Yes I would like help in setting up trust between the two because it does run a bit slower when I try to get on line.  But once I get on line everything is fine.

When I got on this site Kaspersky put up a box that it couldn't guarentee the authenticity of this site due to inaccurate license information.  It's done that with some of the credit card sites I frequent also.


Thanks for being so helpful, I greatly appreciate it!


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KIS is a very strong security suite, but it is fairly resource-intensive. Adding the trust settings may or may not improve your system performance if you are on an older system with a slow processor, limited RAM, small hard drive, etc.  And even KIS+MBAM+MBAE cannot fully protect an outdated, vulnerable OS that has not received security patches for 2 years.

Having said that:

The attached screenshot shows how to add the Kaspersky folder to the MBAM malware exclusions.

The steps below list the MBAM files to add to KIS exclusions. Here is a link to the KIS 2016 KB article about setting exclusions: http://support.kaspersky.com/12101


More info about v2.2.1 HERE
Version 2.2.1 Release History HERE
User Guide ONLINE
User Guide PDF
FAQ: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

Thanks again,


Please exclude the following files from your Antivirus Software for your version of Windows:

For 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 & Windows 10:

  • C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbam.exe

  • C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbamdor.exe

  • C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbampt.exe

  • C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbamservice.exe

  • C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbamresearch.exe

  • C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbamscheduler.exe

For 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 & Windows 10:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbam.exe

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbamdor.exe

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbampt.exe

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbamresearch.exe

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbamservice.exe

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware \mbamscheduler.exe

Note: If you are using a software firewall besides the built in Windows Firewall, you'll need to exclude MBAM.EXE, MBAMSERVICE.EXE and MBAMRESEARCH.EXE from it, as well.
Note: Once that's done, please make sure that if either of those programs has any sort of web filter, that you add the following as a trusted site:



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  • 10 months later...

Hello - first posting on the forum and I see good information here. I know I am rather late to this particular question, but the subject is pertinent currently to my own Win7 Pro 64-bit computer, running Norton Antivirus and Malwarebytes Antimalware Premiun I have both active at the same time. I too noticed all the orange dot responses in the Norton history panel and wonder how that affects Malwarebytes function. However, my question now is regarding the listing of exclusions above, I am confused. The titles indicate a listing for a 32-bit and a 64-bit version computer. However, in the list under the title for the 64-bit, the items include "(X86)" .  I thought x86 refers to a 32-bit version computer and now I do not know which list to include. Thanks for your help on this.

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