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Installing Windows version on Mac w/ PlayOnMac

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I am attempting to install MBAM on my Mac via the software PlayOnMac.

I have successfully installed Malwarebytes on my Mac in the past, however due to a PlayOnMac update MBAM now 'encounters serious errors and needs to close'.  I've tried reinstalling several times with no luck.   Are there separate libraries I need to install, or is something in my system now causing errors?

Apologies if this isn't the right place for my question, and thanks for your time.

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I don't know if that is supported.

Do you actually have a Windows partititon (dual-boot) or a proper VM?

Otherwise, staff will correct me if I am wrong, but MBAM for PC must be installed on a Windows platform, MBAM-Mac on the Mac OS platform, and MBAM-Mobile on the Android platform.

We will see if a staff member has more advice.


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PlayOnMac creates virtual drives, which simulate the Windows filestructure while the program redirects functionality to the Mac interface. (This probably isn't a good way to put it, looking at the POM website would be more helpful. >.< )

Again it has worked with POM in the past, the only things I think should be causing this are changes to the POM software in the update rendering this unusable, and changes to MBAM doing the same.

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Perhaps you might want to install MBAM-Mac on the Mac OS?

It does not (yet) provide real-time protection -- it is only a manual scanner.

But it might be the only supported option at this time.

Again, we'll need to wait for someone Mac-savvy, POM-savvy or generally savvy to weigh in.

Info, system specs and download link for MBAM-Mac are here: Anti-Malware for Mac

Thanks again,

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