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Ramson "detected" - but no process listed?


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I hope this is not kind of built in Easter Egg :)

Something new happens this morning... several times in a row pop ups appear telling he some ransomware was detected and moved to quarantine, but no process name is given and the quarantine folder is empty (btw: does this feature already work? never had any process listed there?)

Even while writing this message a new detection note (Screenshot2703-004.jpg) appeared. I already have included the log files.

FYI: The reason for this (false) alarm might be caused by "Advanced Renamer 3.70" which I used before the alarm popped up and which was closed for a second when the alarm went on. My computer was scanned using the "fast scan" of Kaspersky Internet Security and the file seems to be ok, too https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/9976c9b78985a9d243877eb7b157edb8bd3f9dd8fc2767f833d9a20ccb4015a9/analysis/1459069281/


Another possible software causing these false alarms (the notes still appear!) might be Bath Purifier which I used before the popup appeared... but this file is clean, too  https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/c628eb9995c44340884947f1f770ff2fdccd8c9403ee8f957b8aa9d4f3a1e3f6/analysis/1459069485/


Since the messages still appear I have to reboot the  computer,now :(





Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip


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Hello hza:

The available data from the archives is inconclusive. It would be interesting to see if the system restart has an effect.

If similar MBARW Beta notices reoccur after the system restart, please repeat the identical archive gathering/posting process, but you may exclude the excellent JPEGs as the ones above are quite adequate for now.

Thank you hza.


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