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1 EXCLUSION INTERFACE  - is there any reason not to be able to add a folder, rather than just a file?

For example, the folder for another security program such as Avast, Malwarebytes, Spybot etc.?

2 IMPROVE INTERFACE Also, just as for Malwarebytes Anti Malware -you could REALLY improve the interface by allowing the user to mark a whole series of folders with check marks (like Avast does for Active Protection \ Files System Shield \ Exclusions) so that all of the relevant folders under C:\PROGRAM FILES and then C:\PROGRAM FILES (x86) can be inserted without having to browse for each individual folder under these two root folders. This would speed up the process tremendously, for a single machine and even more so for multiple computers  I notice that MBAB has already improved this process from earlier on, where the damn it did not, in the past, even remember the prior folder which you had opened. Now that was an incredibly frustrating process.

3 ALLOW EXPORTING of the excluded files, so those of us with more than one computer can copy the exclusion list from one computer to another. This might mean labeling the folder or file functionally, so if the process is not implemented via a menu, the users can simply copy the files. Possibly add some security feature so that malicious programs do not take advantage of this.


4 SIMPLE  EXPLANATION Even though it is Beta, what harm is there in having at least a sentence or two about how the program functions (it's actively on guard, but does not require a scan, it does or does not get updates etc.)

5 READY BUTTON Maybe a Green button showing it is ready and armed vs a Red button showing that it is not ready to do its job.




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Hello drdancm:

The entire MBARW Beta's testing program purpose is to test the anti-ransomware core technology and upon its successful conclusion, the core technology will be rolled into existing Malwarebytes products. When the beta testing program completes, MBARW will no longer exist as a standalone product.

Thank you for your interest in the MBARW Beta testing program and your feedback.

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