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Personally, I use Norton Security which I have used for several years and I like it how it works. HOWEVER, I also HIGHLY suggest that you download and install the JUST released beta version of MalwareBytes Anti-Ransomware and the also newly released Hit Man Pro.Alert  whose sole purpose is to block Cryptowall and any other Ransomware type program from hijacking 100% of all your files unless you pay $500!!! Do it. You won't be sorry! Gook luck!

Best regards,




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2 hours ago, Barkas said:

Hi. Can anyone on here tell me which brand of antivirus runs most natively alongside Malwarebytes Premium. Thanks for any help.

You ask a common question with no "best" answer.:)

As Maurice explained here:

2 hours ago, Maurice Naggar said:

Our software co-exists with most all antivirus.   The choice is all up to you.

As a general rule, we don't endorse or denigrate any particular AV.
There are many fine choices.
See here: List of well known antivirus products
That article also contains links to other sites with vigorous discussion of the topic.

As for MBARW-BETA, it is an unstable BETA software.
It is NOT advisable to install it on any production system, as explained here.

Hope this helps,

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And with regards to  the Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware, before you install it, please read the following posts carefully and COMPLETLEY:

The first one explicitly states  that this is βeta software, meaning is it not ready for prime time consumption, and you should be ready to handle any problems that arise. 

The second post explains how MBARW complements MBAM.

The third post is one you will need to know very well if you plan on testing the MBARW βeta on any of your machines.  It explains what to do if you run into issues, how to report them, and what information the developers would really like for you to include with your post for expedient investigation.

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