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2 minutes ago, Bakgrund said:

Same here, all icons and such on gmail wouldn't load thanks to this. Pretty confident it's a false positive so I excluded ssl.gstatic.com and gstatic.com, no problems now.

You sure that's wise? Sure, you'll get though to that (those?) servers again, but, if they ARE compromised...

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Same here when on gmail/inbox, google, new chrome tab:

www.gstatic.com ports 0 62430 62431 62432 62433 63491 63492 63493 63494 63495 63496 63497

ssl.gstatic.com ports 0 62023 62024 62025 62026 62027 62031 62032

csi.gstatic.com  ports 0 63460 63461 63462 63478 

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