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No Internet connection after update to Malwarebytes

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March 24, 2016

Running Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64 with Malwarebytes Premium, Avast 11.1.2253 Free  and Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 installed.

This setup runs without problems.

Now update Malwarebytes is is offered.

After installing Update there is no Internet connection anymore although Windows signals that an Internet connection is established. No URL can be reached by Firefox. However, miniapplications like newsfeed are updated as usual.

If Malwarebytes is removed, registration and system state are reset and Malwarebytes is reinstalled the system runs without problems again.

Any ideas?


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The error occurs if Malwarebytes is installed manually (not
by automatic update) over Malwarebytes

The error does not occur if Malwarebytes is deinstalled first
and if Malwarebytes is installed thereafter.


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