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False Positive - RollBack Rx

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Hey folks,

My name is Sam and I'm a rep from Horizon DataSys, the software developer of RollBack Rx, Drive Vaccine, and Reboot Restore Rx.

Our programs make changes to the MBR to allow for the recovery portion to be accessible should Windows fails. However, we're getting hits from Malwarebytes that our software is being flagged as a RootKit and being removed, which damages the whole system if done.

It'd be great if we could get whitelisted so this doesn't happen again. Let me know what you folks need and I'd be happy to supply it.

The software itself can be downloaded here: http://www.horizondatasys.com/Files/Rollback_Rx_v104/Rollbackv104.zip


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Here is the problem with it not being white listed if Malwarebytes cares to do anything about it (see image). If I am not mistaken Malwarebytes actually removes these and then Roolback re-installs them on boot anyway or at least it looks that way.


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Hi, @sam_horizondatasys & @emess, and :welcome:

Sam, I'm a premium user of MBAM and MBAE, as well as having the MBARW βeta MBAR installed.  I'll give the software a whirl and see if I can provide any additional data to help the devs here troubleshoot this.  Were your users mentioning a particular product, just to I can be ready for it?

Emess, thanks for the screenshot.  I see that MBAM is suspect in this case, but let me test further with the other products I also have installed.

@AdvancedSetup - care to weigh in?

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