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MBAM disrupts icon tray loading

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Using Windows 7. At startup, with MBAM enabled to load at startup as well, many of my other programs' icons fail to load in systray, icons for programs like Comodo firewall, Winpatrol, PopPeeper(mail notifier) as well as other programs(even hidden icons). Some bootups are worse than others. Only disabling Malwarebytes at startup cures the problem. I've tried disabling MBAM self-protection, delay protection up to 180 seconds, malware exclusions of program folders in question, etc, etc, etc, to no avail. The only other possibility I can think of that causes this with MBAM at startup is having Windows' Superfetch service disabled at startup. I will NOT enable Superfetch again, that is not an option, too much a disk thrasher(as well as Windows Search).

Thank you.

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  • Root Admin

Hello and :welcome:

  1. Please uninstall your current version of MBAM and reinstall the latest version. MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x
  2. If that does not correct the issue then please read the following and post back the requested logs. - Diagnostic Logs
  3. NOTE: There is an FAQ section with valuable information located here: - Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

    Thank You  
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I'll try MBAM Clean, but assume it will remove all my custom exclusions. I hope not, that would be a pain.

Until then, I played around some more and found that setting MBAM Service to Automatic (Delayed Start) resolves issue. However, once MBAM starts after bootup, it resets the service back to Automatic instead of staying at Automatic (Delayed Start), thus bringing back the issue at next reboot.

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Did clean uninstall/reinstall, but same problem. I then disabled MBAM startup, re-enabled Superfetch, did a couple reboots to get all icons back to loading, then re-enabled MBAM at startup and no more problems. So apparently MBAM does not play nice with systray icons if Superfetch is disabled.

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