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Is there any way to filter the view to NOT show unregistered clients?  The Filter button seems to only have a limited set of options and are only includes on one thing at a time. 

Are there plans to expand the filter options in the next version?  Id like to see a way to filter on Last Scan Result as well.  I don't find the threat view to be of all that much use right now so I would like to only show clients that have a threat detected.

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Hey bumskull,

The option for 'status' can be used to filter offline, online and idle, scanning, and unregistered. However, you can also use policy and policy compliance since an unregistered client would not have a policy. However there is no option to check off to not see unregistered clients. As for the Filter option only including one thing at a time, how are you seeing this? In my testing, I am able to choose different options to see this. For example, when I choose policy 'default policy', my clients show up. However, if I choose status offline as well, my clients disappear from the view. If I change that to online instead, they show up again. What set of options are not working for you when grouped together?

As for the next version, there is no changes for the filter view currently in the next version. However, I will send this feedback to our engineering team for a feature request/enhancement.

Thank you,

Ron S


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Ive not tried to group together as that can't accomplish what I am looking for.  Like hide all unregistered or have the ability to select more than one status.  Showing online is ok but if something is scanning it doesn't show up.  Using a policy doesn't really help as I have 3 policies and you can't select more than one of those at a time either.  Basically hiding unregistered would take care of all i am looking for in the filter for daily use.

I would also like to see filters for database date and version so you could query for computers that are more than a day old or something like that instead of trying to sort all computers by the date and scrolling back to see whats old. 


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