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Black screen with mouse cusor on computer start for last week

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I think the title says it all on ocation for the last week or so i have been getting Black screen with mouse cusor on computer start im not sure why I have done a number of scans and things always come up with no resu;t so im hopping someone has a idea of what may be causing this attched these logs if i need ti move to a  malware thread i will do so but im hoping not :)

 note this is not the same system i posted about recently




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I researched this over the weekend.  The last driver that they put out, originally as a Beta, the 364.51, caused all sorts of havoc when first released on 8 Mar 2016.  About a week later, it received WHQL status, but so many people had issues with it at that point that many reverted to 362.00 (or even 361.91) drivers and are awaiting the next release.  However, I just clean installed my system from scratch, and on Friday I was able to install the 364.51 drivers with 0 issues, although I performed a clean install.

Going forward, @asianmusicguy, I suggest that you take newer nVidia drivers on the same way, particularly on Windows 10 - install the drivers using the advanced selection so you can

  1. Select only the components you need to install, (IOW, skipping anything whose version number has not changed, as well as not installing drivers that you do not use, such as the 3D Vision stuff if you do not use the 3D Vision stuff),
  2. SKIP the GeForce Experience software, and
  3. Perform a clean install of the drivers.

Glad you got it working again, and HTH  for future nVidia driver installs.

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