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Can't open IE / FIREFOX / CHROME after removing something with Malwarebytes

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Malwarebytes found two suspect objects in my memory, and I cleaned them, as I cleaned everything I ever found with malwarebytes without ever having any problems.  I don't remember what they're called by they were related to a cloud service called JustClowd.  This time, however, after I cleaned it, I can't no longer access the Internet through browsers, but I know I am connected because I can use these browsers in safe mode only.  Don't really know what to do here.  Please help.  Thanks.

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Are you saying you can reach the internet ( web) thru the browser (s) while in Safe mode with Networking ?

Could you attach a copy of the very last Scan report from the History section?   That way I can review to see what was tagged / what was accomplished.

Please always just attach files / reports as we go along.

One more thing, tell me which web browser is having "issues" , and just exactly what the "error message" says.

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Thanks for your reply!  Yes, that's correct. If I'm using the computer in safe mode with networking I can go online, like I am now.  There is no msg error.  It just keeps saying "connecting", but it never connects.  The problem is with any browser I use. I already ran malwarebytes again in safe mode, malwarebytes chameleon, and it doesn't find anything else.  I even tried a restore, but my earliest restoring point is after my browsers could no longer connect, so there would be no point in that.

The log where it found the suspect objects is attached.


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The run report indicates that only some P U P related items were removed.   5 files related to "JUSTCLOUD" were removed.  What do you know about that Justcloud ?

Start NOTEPAD    { you can press Windows-key+R keys to get the RUN option
and then type in


and press Enter key to start NOTEPAD.

Check and make sure "word wrap" is off.
From Notepad main menu bar, Select F (format) and make sure Word Wrap is NOT checked.
IF it -is- checkmarked, click that one time so that it is un-checked.

Please copy/paste the lines  below to Notepad:

@Echo on
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns
netsh winsock reset all
netsh int ip reset resetlog.log
shutdown -r -t 1
del %0


now Save as flush.bat to your desktop.
Double-click flush.bat file to run it. Your computer will reboot.  Check out normal mode / let me know if internet web access thru the browser is ok at this point.



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No, I'm afraid that really didn't help.  And even before I did that, I realized that I can no longer use the browsers in safe mode either, so I am now talking on another laptop.  I don't much about JustCloud other than it was a cloud service I once used.  Some people say they are a scam, others that it is legit. 

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If you cannot download on this machine, please see about downloading on another system.
Then you can put the tools on a USB-flash-thumb drive or burn to CD/DVD and transport to the problem computer, and copy the tool(s) to the desktop.

See about getting some diagnostic reports using a report-tool named FRST.

Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system.

You can check here if you're not sure if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit

  • Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
  • Press Scan button.
  • It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.
  • The first time the tool is run, it also makes another log (Addition.txt).

Please attach the files with  your reply.

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Is it bad if I already did that?  Sorry if it is, I did it when I was trying to find a solution on my own.  I still could download in safe mode, before I started this thread so I did download it - now I can't anymore. But I realized I couldn't really go much further without help, so I didn't save the logs.  I still have the app on the computer, problem being I didn't save the first logs.  Anyway, this is what I got this time around, but again, it is the second time I'm running it, not the first.


Never mind my previous message, I located the first scan.



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There are a tremendous amount of scheduled ( crud ) tasks invoking Chrome browser and that is why you could not run it.  a super huge amount.

I am sending a Fix script which is going to be used by the FRST64 tool. They will both work together as a pair.  ( on the Downloads folder)

Please RIGHT-click the FIXLIST and select SAVE AS   and save it directly ( as is) in the same general location as where you have FRST64

*NOTE*: Both  FRST64.exe  and the fixlist.txt must be in the same location or the fix will not work.

Double click FRST to run the tool. If the tool warns you the version is outdated, please download and run the updated version.
Click the Fix button just once, and wait.

If you receive a message that a reboot is required, please make sure you allow it to restart normally.
The tool will complete its run after restart.
When finished, the tool will make a log (*Fixlog.txt*) in the same location from where it was run. Please attach the *Fixlog.txt* in your reply.


This run should do a Reboot of Windows.   Be sure that that does occur.  At that point, I expect that normal Windows should be much much better.

Also, let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance.



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