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Chrome Browser Updates Ending in April

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Google is ending updates for its Chrome browser in April for computers running Windows XP, Vista, and select Mac operating systems. The browser will continue working but will leave systems vulnerable to malware and viruses. Will the installation of Malwarebytes be sufficient protection against malware beginning in April?

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What operating system is in use ?  What antivirus program is the resident antivirus?

It would be great to be able to give a easy single answer, but that is not so if you are running a old legacy system which is out of manufacturer's active support.

Plus a lot depends on whether the box has been kept religiously up to date with security fixes, plus the day-to-day care when & if on the web.

No one single security app will give a perfect bubble of immunity.  and that is true even if the O.S. is the most recent one.

Today's "in the wild" infectors are getting worse & worse by the day.   why run the risk.

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Thanks for the response. Personally, my laptop's OS is vista and the anti-virus program is Avast. My antiquated equipment is adequate for my needs so it's hard to justify buying a new laptop. I was also posing the question for others using different OS, especially those who cannot easily afford new computers. 

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An option for you, then, would be to buy a Windows 7 upgrade


(and then, if you like, take the Windows 10 upgrade over that, although I doubt that would be the case in your situation). 

I always recommend 7 over Vista, as 7 is more refined, has better memory handling and actually runs better on machines from the Vista era.  Rest assured that in almost every case I personally have encountered, a machine running Vista has no issues running 7. 



As for Windows 10, well, that is entirely up to you, and some good research and reading would be the first place I go before moving any higher than 7.

Personally, I use 10 on all my machines, but most of my hardware is within 3 years old, with the exception of my desktop machine which I built and keep upgrading piecemeal.  You might even check with your laptop's manufacturer to see if they have any Win 7 upgrades left for your machine model (will probably have to contact their technical support).


As for MBAM being sufficient, well, as OSs stop being supported, it is hard to keep them running and spotless when connecting to the Internet.  MBAM by itself cannot keep your machine clean, as you need a multi-layered security solution to protect truly any machine, even brand new ones.  However, that being said, you can, armed with solid products like a good AV (your Avast), MBAM, other products, general knowledge about surfing habits and specifically computer software maintenance, can allow you to use a machine much longer than the average person does.

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Great advice, JLG. I was thinking of upgrading to Windows 8, but your recommendation of Windows 7 makes a lot of sense. Your post motivated me to learn more and I discovered that Microsoft will continue to provide security updates to Windows 7 until 2020. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Google doesn't cut off Windows 7 any time soon. Your input on MBAM is also much appreciated. 

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