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Dear Malwarebytes, I am a satisfied and long time user of Malwarebytes products. I have been able to save my OS from very nasty threats because of Malwarebytes. For that I am grateful.

I have come across the many issues where Mozilla Firefox would crash constantly, mostly when opening it, as long as Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit was running.

I was able to verify MBAE as the culprit by deactivating the Firefox shield, and then running Firefox several times, across reboots, without a single crash. My Windows Error Reporting cache was very big and I had to delete it as it was quite large.

I am writing this to help not only myself, but everybody else who has run into this predicament, and that maybe this bug can be de-bugged in a future release. For now I'm keeping the Firefox shield deactivated. Otherwise, I believe Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit works and is reliable. Thanks for all the work put into this software and the AV software. Peace.

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.

Can you please post your MBAE and FRST logs? This problem you report could be due to a conflict with some other installed software.

Instructions for gathering and posting logs can be found in the readme first link in my signature.


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Hi PBust,

I am having a similar problem to Bigbadbrad's.  But in my case, Firefox never actually opens to then crash.  I have tried reinstalling Firefox and rebooting etc but no luck.  Did you find an answer for Bigbadbrad?

My problems started immediately after installing the MBAE.  Chrome is working fine but Firefox is a problem


Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip

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