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Malware Bytes not stopping ransomware

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I do not download pirate software, videos, etc.   I Do not accept or send e-greeting cards.  I don't play any facebook apps.  I am the poster child for deleting any email I don't recognize without opening it.  And any attachments sent by friends are not opened unless they are a picture format.  In 20 years of personal computing I have been hit by a virus maybe 3 times .  That's how careful I am.

When I heard about ransomware over a year ago I decided not to risk it any more and installed antivirus for the first time ever; Malware Bytes.  I have had a paid Malware Bytes subscription for over a year now and have been hit by ransomware THREE times.  And yes, I kept it updated.  In fact, the 3rd time I was hit, I was sitting at my machine working and watched files start changing.  I immediately checked MalwareBytes reported me as "Up to Date". (It had that same message after each of the three attacks.)

The first time this happened I called support and there was nothing they could do for me.  I didn't bother calling the next TWO times.

I am not saying this software gave me a virus but it sure as stuff didn't protect me from it.  I had intended to cancel after the first year and try another product but they renewed me automatically before  I expired.

I was trying to be patient and realistic about this.  Hackers are fast and smart and frankly, stuff happens.  But then to add insult to injury I get a spam email from Malwarebytes titled "How to beat ransomware".  Isn't that ironic.  Seeing as they haven't themselves.




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Thanks Victory.  Fortunately I was able to clean out the system each time and it was months between the hits.  Mostly I am just venting because now I'm stuck paying for antiviral software that isn't working for another year and the ironic email spam was the last step on already frayed nerves.  :huh:



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I work remotely using external network connections and doing a beta test on something that could block that is a little scary.  Even though the remote systems are protected from my system, losing the ability to connect to them would be a problem.  On the other hand, that's what the spare laptop is for (Which, by the way, does not have MalwareBytes and never got hit).  :)  I just might try it.

Thanks for the idea


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Hi Wyldoats,

Ugh & double ugh! As irritable & nerve racking as it you at least have the knowledge & ability to resolve the problem.

Malware got back to me & told me to wait on the "cryptolocker" software as it is still in beta mode at #5 & (quote) "It is not recommended for use on regular day-to-day use computers."

Malware recommended this " Anti-Exploit provides passive ( background ) protection against zero-day type exploits, Windows exploits, web browser & Java exploits " which I have downloaded & installed.

Wish I could send you their entire email 'cause it was full of great info(from Maurice) but not knowing me you would not open it anyway which is the way it should be.

Good luck! :-)


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15 hours ago, wyldoats said:

I decided not to risk it any more and installed antivirus for the first time ever; Malware Bytes.

Well that's your first problem right there.

Malwarebytes is not an Anti-virus, and is not meant to do the job of an Anti-virus.

Malwarebytes  is Anti-malware that should be used as well as an Anti-virus.

Try reading this: https://www.malwarebytes.org/articles/antivirus-vs-antimalware/

And while your at it take a look at Anti-exploit as well.



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Since you stated: "Malware Bytes not stopping Ransomware", what you REALLY want to use is Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware beta: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/uluqe6ms2l36bsxkudurlr7yr8lp6d8g

That WILL stop Ransomware! I have had it for over 3 weeks now, and it has already blocked 2 attacks.

Also, you most certainly want to install MalwareBytes Antimalware: https://www.malwarebytes.org/mwb-download/. I highly suggest that you purchase the PREMIUM version as it does so much more. I have it and its absolutely fantastic. You can however, start with the TRIAL version, and then upgrade to the premium version.

I hope this will help you. Let me know how everything went and your impressions.

Best regards,



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