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OS 10.7.5 help

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I have virus malware worm ? on my computer

First it made a sound like the hard drive was going bad so I replaced hard drive with a solid state one

I restored it from my back up drive 

Same noise and noticed hard drive icon problem on the desktop

i tracked the noise to the volume control in preferences  clicked on it the noise stopped

when you try and open the hard drive from the desktop it opens a jpeg file in preview instead

when you open the drive in the finder you can't select file  and you can't scan through the files without it dropping back down to the bottom 

you can't select all 

tried sentinel pro anti virus program and it says its clean it  also had problem selecting files  when using it

your program won't work on my operating system

i can't update my computers software anymore

sound familiar to anyone?




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This doesn't sound like a malware issue. There's no malware that behaves this way, and to be honest, there's no reason for malware to behave this way.

What you describe is an odd conglomeration of symptoms that may or may not be related. If they are all related, they're going to be caused by something like a corrupt system or hardware issue. Honestly, my money is on a hardware issue, since you seem to be having issues with strange sounds coming from the speakers and issues with your mouse input.

My best recommendation would be to make an appointment at the Genius Bar at the nearest Apple Store and get this Mac evaluated.

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