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[SOLVED] Posts that were posted in code now live links

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@Porthos, do you have an example of the raw code you posted with? The reason I ask is that I checked posts all the way back to March 3rd in that section and only your posts seem to have this issue. I am wondering if there is something in the actual code you used that is causing this so we can share it with IPS.

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I just tested it doing it the way you described and it appears to be working fine for me.

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Just now, Porthos said:


Works now but I am speaking from posts before the update.

Gotcha. I can't seem to recreate this issue nor does it appear that other users have experienced it that I can see. Do you have any other examples?

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Just now, AlexSmith said:

Gotcha. I can't seem to recreate this issue nor does it appear that other users have experienced it that I can see. Do you have any other examples?

Did not take time to revisit more just assumed it happened to one of mine it might a glitch during the update.

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Just to rule out as many potential options as possible, I tested your process on an internal v3 system we have access and pasted the raw code in the new v4 system and cannot seem to recreate the issue. My guess is that this was an isolated glitch during the content migration process.

Locking this as solved for now. If it comes back or you see it elsewhere, please start a new topic.


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