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windows 10 reset & office 16 disabled


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hi there

please see attached zip's

(I use windows 10 & office 2016, see chronological actions below)

  • anti-ransom notified about some quarantine action (no details in quarantine !)
  • office 2016 apps were disabled
  • windows 10 went into "virgin" reset modus with a total loss of all data
  • however windows rebooted into normal modus again (data recovered !)

please advise what to do

thanks, kk



Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip


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Hello kk:

Unfortunately some of the content from your archives was missing. The following procedure will likely restore the system's Microsoft Office back to full functionality.

Please re-install MBARW Beta5 in hopes that future events can be properly captured.

How to Repair an Office application.

  2. Please consider producing a hard copy of the procedure within Repair an Office application.
  3. Restart the computer in question into the Windows Normal mode and terminate unnecessary applications.
  4. Follow Microsoft's procedure within step 1.
  5. Again, restart the system into Windows Normal mode.
  6. Confirm that normal operation has been restored.

    Please reply to your topic with the status of your system.

    Thank you for your participation in the MBARW  testing program.
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MBARW Beta 5 has been re-installed     Status....OK

Office 2016 has been re-installed      Status, Apps etc....OK

Windows 10 seem to work fine ....so far

Thanks for your help...regards kk

PS  zip's are unfortunately to big to attach (6.6 MB)



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