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I have EMET 5.5 installed and just installed AE.  When I attempt to use Adobe Reader, IE or Firefox EMET displays an error -  SimExecFlow and EAF.  When I disable those in EMET the programs operate normally.  I have Windows 10.  Just wondered - since I am new to this - if this is expected behavior.  Thanks.

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Yes, this is expected behavior.   In fact, when you installed MBAE, you should have received a "mild warning" message that you had EMET installed, advising you to remove EMET before installing MBAE --- see screenshot below.   And this is the simplest way to proceed.

Having said that, several users (myself included) have opted to "experiment", to tweak EMET, to keep the two around.   [My testing was limited to EMET versions 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x]  Those who do so are proceeding at their own "risk".   While not up-to-date, you can read more here:   https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/163985-running-emet-and-mbae-together/

So if you prefer to tweak EMET, by disabling SimExecFlow & EAF, for Adobe Reader, IE and Firefox, that's certainly your OPTION.  Alternatively, if you're satisfied with MBAE's protection, you can follow its suggestion to uninstall EMET.



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