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Installed successfully, but registration failed

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I pushed from the Management console version,  installs to 4 PC's all Windows 7 Pro. These were first time installs which were showing unregistered in the Client window. The first two gave the following message "Installed successfully, but registration failed, Signature version is invalid:  Anti-Malware Version   Anti-Exploit Version  I was told that Anti-Exploit is not pushed out from the console anymore but is the version that is associated with the console. I did turn the automatic update for Anti-Exploit which has update my previous installs. So when doing a first time push how do I get the correct Anti-Exploit version pushed out.


The other two PC's installed OK with the correct version of Antimalware version, AntiExploit version The problem is the Management console is show AntiExploit  shields off for those two PC's.


Thank you for any direction/help you can give,



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Hello Mike. The console will always push out whatever Anti-Exploit is part of it when that download was originally released. for, the Anti-Exploit is, despite the latest build as of right now being You will need to have the Anti-Exploit auto update option on for the machines to update to

Registration failed is caused by the client not checking in within a hardcoded amount of time back to the console after install. This is usually due to some other security software you have in place. The first step to solving that is to create mutual exclusion between your other security software and Malwarebytes.

The shields off can be too many thing to really list here. Most likely thing to is to restart those endpoints. If it still doesn't work, open a ticket at corporate-support@malwarebyes.org.

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