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List of Bugs and Recommendations

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Here is a list of Bugs / Recommendations thus far, I will add to this thread as I find more and such...

1. Under My Attachments, how does one go about removing old attachments, or is that option not available any longer?
2. Ability to edit Signature under Account Settings is Missing?
3. Will we get the button at the bottom to go back to the top?
4. When replying to a topic and we decide to change our mind, will there be a cancel button? Currently if I start to reply and change my mind (leave what I was typing) and go to another topic, later go back to the original topic and try to reply my existing reply will still be there.  So its like saved.  I can see that being handy and all but if there is no cancel I/we may reply with wrong info by accident.
5. Green "Topic Starter" button/badge in forum threads, so that we (especially malware helpers) can easily spot interlopers and hijackers is missing
6. So is the Preview Post officially going to be out? I know there was discussion about that one.
7. The notifications section, when I get a notification that someone sent me a PM, its going to the first page of the PM thread rather than the most resent PM.
8. I think the theme right now looks to bland, too much white space...

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Hi Firefox,

2.Signatures appeared disabled during the update. I have re-enabled them.
To edit your signature, head to https://forums.malwarebytes.org/settings/signature/. To manually go there, click your profile pic/username at the top right>Account Settings>Signature

6. Yes, the Preview Post feature is gone. You can read more about it here.


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I just wanted to let everyone know that the team greatly appreciates the feedback and issue reporting coming in. We will provide updates as soon as we can. Please keep the feedback coming in!!

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I am starting to see how staff can get overwhelmed by everyone posting their issues here in this topic, I think for the sake of staff and to make sure nothing gets unresolved or answered it would be best to start your own topic with any new issues....

Thanks for all the reports and most importantly, Thanks for understanding....

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