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about trksvr.exe and netinit.exe


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Hi ,, I'm graduate student and I'm doing some research about ( trksvr.exe and netinit.exe ) , but Unfortunately 

I stile have confused about them. Some articles I read it i see these two files ( are exist in computer and a widows registry that play an essential role in supporting the successful and smooth running of different kinds of computer programs) ,and some articles ( these files are not exist in computer , if they exist that means the computer is infected, and you should remove them from your computer as soon as possible) . I don't know which one is correct  because I didn't see a lot of references related on this topic So, Anyone help me please ? and give me the clear and most important information for these files? what is it? what are their functionality in computer? where I can find it in computer? 


Thanks  :) 

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I'm working on ( shamoon virus ) ,and  When I analyzed the virus ,and how is work I see it works on theses two files I mention about it above. but I don't know what is the original functionality for these files in computer? and how does it work with this virus? 


I hope that more clear 

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Don't concentrate on " trksvr.exe" and "netinit.exe".


Concentrate on the Encyclopedia write-ups on the malware by the various anti virus companies.  read the White Papers that Kaspersky, Norton and other firms have written.  You say that you have "analyzed the virus".  If that's true then you should have samples so after you read information run the samples through their paces and pay attention to what those Write-ups and White papers indicate and compare to your observations.







NOTE:  I have not seen nor analyzed samples of this Cyber weapon.


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