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Known Issues & Workarounds

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Hi everyone,

With the update set for tomorrow, some known issues have come about during testing. We'll be sharing what we know and what we (and you) find post the update. We'll update this thread as issues and possible workarounds come up.


Thanks in advance for your patience.



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Known Issues

  • Preview Post option | Change to editing posts policy
    • IPS Community Suite 4 does not have a preview post option. Meaning, we can't enable it as it does not exist. It was removed in favor of streamlining the posting process and relying solely on the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface.
    • Version 4 relies on WYSIWYG and although this isn't ideal for all situations, our team wants to point out that the WYSIWYG editor does work very well. Not perfect, but very solid. The newer WYSIWYG editor also allows for better copy/pasting of rich and non-formatted text (hint: ctrl+right click in post window).
    • To compensate for the loss of the "Preview Post" feature, we are also changing our policy on who can edit their posts. All users can now edit their posts.
    • Another feature we're looking at enabling is the ability to have the "source" button in your posting toolbar - which would allow you to see the code. This option is tied to some other security settings and we can't flip it on just yet. Give us a bit of time to figure out if this is something we can do.
  • Managing Attachments
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