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scheduled tasks start time modified after DST clock change

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Short answer:



Longer answer:

Known "bug" in the version 2.x scheduler for a long while.  According to the devs, it's on the list for an eventual fix. 

Until then, workarounds include either editing the existing task in the scheduler or (a "cleaner" fix would be to) delete the existing task and recreate it from scratch.

I've been doing the latter on all of my systems twice a year, since the bug first appeared (the scheduler in version 1.x *did* correct for DST).



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Short response:




Long (TLDR) response:

Ahh, the old "known issue, eventual fix solution". Must be on the "newbie dev" calendar where low priority issues go to die. Hey, who wants to solve an issue that doesn't get one promoted to the high priority Malware-solution dev group. Unfortunately, the old command-line options from v 1.75 also ended up there (eventual fix, but don't hold your breath) or I'd still be using the script I wrote to run scheduled tasks that used the OS scheduler to run at a consistent, set it and forget it, time.


And its not just this vendor. My anti-virus developer has the same kind of priorities. They have a known (for many versions) issue with displaying "status" pop-ups after (coincidentally?) a scheduled scan runs even though the custom settings are set NOT to open results after the scan finishes but it happens anyway.


So the customer is left with a faith-based decision of should I go (how can I trust their malware defense if they can't get scheduling to work accurately) or should I stay (since they apparently focus on the malware and let the non-malware bugs go on indefinitely).

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I share your frustration.

This bug has been a nagging nuisance for a while and I may have been the first person to report it.

(The forum staff will probably agree that I have been the loudest and longest complainer about it, including a recent user survey for bug fixes.)


I have been disappointed that it was not fixed by now (it worked in version 1.x and my other security apps with scheduled tasks all make the DST adjustment just fine).


Having said that, it's only an "issue" twice a year that doesn't directly impact security, malware detection/removal etc..

And I too, am just a home user.

So I don't know what's entailed to fix the code.

And I have no control over the schedule for bug-fixes.


But I certainly would not ditch MBAM over this bug. ;)

Instead, you may wish to take advantage of the new user survey HERE.

The more folks who request a specific bug fix, perhaps the more likely it will become a higher priority.




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