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Hi there.


I'm considering purchasing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium and had a quick question.

If you had the program already installed and at some stage needed to re-install it on the same computer, is this allowed?


Say for example you re-installed windows or did a full system restore (and lost the program in the process!) 



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Hello and :welcome: :


If you had the program already installed and at some stage needed to re-install it on the same computer, is this allowed?

Yes, of course. :)
Reinstall instructions are here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x
The critical point to avoid snafus is to "deactivate" the account before removal, if possible.
One can even transfer a license from one computer to another in the same household.
Instructions are here: How do I transfer my Malwarebytes Anti-Malware license to a different computer?
As long as the license is activated only on the number of computers for which it is authorized, it's perfectly fine.
A 1-PC license may activated on only one computer at a time; an "up-to-3-PCs" license may be activated on up to 3 systems at a time (these licenses are no longer available).

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Once you deactivate it, you can leave it installed, it would revert to the free version.

Then you could either install it on anther computer and activate it, or you could simply reactivate it on the same computer. Of course if you formatted, or wanted to make sure you had the latest version, then you would download and install and then active it.


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Thanks, @Firefox. :)


Yep, @nov1: the precise sequence to follow depends on whether you plan to transfer the license to a different computer, or whether you plan to reinstall on the same one (with or without an OS reinstall).


As long as the 1-PC license is activated on only 1 system at a time, you will be fine.


Note:  To combat piracy, there *is* a limit to the number of reactivations on a license. So if you reinstall Windoze and MBAM every week (in other words: really often ;)), then you may need to contact support to have them reset the activation count.  This should not be an issue for most/average users.



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I am new to this forum


I read that Malwarebytes has discontinued the lifetime licence.

However, I have seen the lifetime subscription for sale at  http://www.antivirussales.com/store/malwarebytes-anti-malware-pro-perpetual-1user-closeout.

I am contemplating purchasing this licence. Does Malwarebytes still offer lifetime licences?



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Hello rkalip and :welcome:

Reference: I thought Lifetime licenses had been discontinued for MBAM


There are no known official lifetime licenses left to sell. There are possibly some that have been horded but yes "Buyer Beware" - if you purchase one and it turns out not to be legit you will need to get your money back from the person or company you purchased from. We are not currently running anymore amnesty programs for invalid or illegal licenses.

Thank you.

Buyer beware!

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Well lets hope it stays active and does not get black listed as a non-valid key, ebay is not a good place to by MBAM License Keys.

But as you mentioned, you are taking that chance.

2 hours ago, rkalip said:

I took a chance and purchased the key online and it worked.


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