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Policy Assignment

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We have the trail version running right now.  Hoping for approval to purchase soon but in testing I have come across something that I find odd behaviour.  Maybe Im doing it wrong?


We are linked with AD.


I have went to an OU and set switch to Other Policy.  Anything in that OU that has the client installed picks up the correct policy.  Now there are other system listed that do not have the client installed yet.  If I install the client on one of those it will not pickup the correct policy.  It will load the default policy so then I have to go back in and switch to other Policy again on the OU for the new computer to pickup on the correct policy.


As we look at a full deployment this could be a big issue that some clients come online after installation after the policy was switch and get the incorrect policy assigned to them. 

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Hello, there are a few ways this can be done. First, you can choose which policy is your default instead of the built-in "default". highlight your custom policy and click "Deployment". Decide which clients to send it to then hit next. You'll see the option "Apply to new client computer", this is the option that lets new installs pick up an alternate policy on first check in.


Second you can choose which policy you want to deploy when pushing by selecting it as part of the "Client Push Install" options.


Third, you can create an offline installer with whichever policy you want attached, choose the policy in the options while creating the the installer.

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Thank you for the reply.  I have done all that.


For example i have one OU called test.   I have that set in a test policy for deployment and verified its listed in the deployment wizard.  Now it seems it doens't care what thats set to any new clients that show up there take on whatever policy was part of the install package.  If I go back to the Deployemen wizard and just click next on thought it, it will then change the policy.

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Yes I have but we have 2 policies in play across the company.  I was hoping that I could just deploy one and when a machine connects to the server it would pickup which is the correct policy.  This is especially useful if a machine is moved into an OU where there is a different policy in use.  When this is done it will not pickup the new policy in place until i tell it to switch directly or go back to the policy and just hit next though the deployment wizard. 

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