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mwbarw task bar icon needs to show change in status


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Right now, when the MWBARW program isn't working, the task bar icon looks the same as it does when the program is protecting my PC.  The icon should flash, change color, or disappear, as a visual indicator that it isn't working.  Can this be fixed in the non-beta version?



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If the program stops working (which happens frequently with this beta version), you can click the task bar icon and see "MWBARW is not protecting your system" (or words to that effect).  Then, you'll see a "Fix Now" button.  Click that button to restart the program.  My point is, that the task bar icon must be actively checked periodically to ensure that MWBAMW is STILL working.  If the task bar icon changes color or blinks when it stops working, then we'd have a visual (or audible: or both) indication that we need to click the "FIX NOW" button.  Without such a clue, our computers are not protected, and we don't know it.

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Hello mathit:


The development team advised at the onset that the purpose of the MBARW Beta project was to to test the anti-ransomware core technology of what later will be rolled into Malwarebytes release products. Once that core technology proves stable, the entire MBARW Beta project will end.


To many it is evident that the MBARW GUI, and other code, were borrowed from other Malwarebytes products for the purposes of this limited project. Yes, it would appear as if the system tray icon could be made to respond appropriately to differing conditions. However that development time would be lost on a time limited project.



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This is a typical ambiguous "developer" response.  Do you mean that this important user experience attribute will be included in the final product, or that it just is not being considered for inclusion in the beta.  Knowing if a product is, or is not, working, is not an unessential user experience element.


Thank you.

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Mathit, because MBARW will be joined into MBAM at the end of the BETA, there would be no reason to implement this feature into the beta. 


And when its joined into MBAM you will have the features you know and love along with the functionality of MBARW ruled in :)

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